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DC Libs Happy to Sign Petition Banning Conservative's Free Speech

-By Warner Todd Huston The left is always a bundle of contradictions. On one hand leftists set themselves up as the ultimate in “tolerance” and a guarantor of “freedom” to do as one wishes. Most leftists imagine themselves interested in making sure everyone is free to do as they wish to the point where that... Read more »

Colorado: Art Depicting Christ in Gay Sex Causes Christians to Riot, Many Killed... Or Not

-By Warner Todd Huston An art exhibit sponsored by the City of Loveland, Colorado that depicts Jesus Christ engaging in gay sex is causing some heartburn among local Christians. The piece by a 10-artist group going under the title, “The Legend of Bud Shark and His Indelible Ink,” depicts Jesus receiving oral sex from a... Read more »

Bloggericide: Ohio Officials Charge Blogger With Campaign Violations

-By Warner Todd Huston Well, folks, this is bound to happen more and more as time rolls onward in this New Media world of ours. A blogger is in trouble with local Ohio officials who are trying to Shut him down using a badly applied campaign finance law all because he has been critical of... Read more »

U of Ill. Instructor Fired Over His Catholic Beliefs

-By Warner Todd Huston A University of Illinois instructor of the school’s Introduction to Catholicism and Modern Catholic Thought course was fired at the end of last semester because he had the temerity to send a student an email that explained the Catholic doctrine against homosexuality. In the email, professor Ken Howell of Champaign wrote,... Read more »