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Yeah It's a Crap Song, But Why That Hatin' On This Poor Kid?

-By Warner Todd Huston Rebecca Black has been, like, totally taken aback by the, like, amazing fame her little YouTube song has brought her… but she is bummed by all the h8ters, too. She shouldn’t be too surprised that people hate her song though. It really is crap of the lowest… or is it highest…... Read more »

CBS Names Its Palin-Supporting Character After Terrorist

-By Warner Todd Huston The CBS drama The Good Wife, a politically charged soap-opera-like series, is coming under fire for naming its Sarah Palin-boosting character after America’s most infamous domestic terrorist, Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh. Matthew Vadum of the Washington-based Capital Research Center says that naming the character “McVeigh” conjures an unmistakable inference. “Calling... Read more »

Some of the Unsung, Working Actors that Died in 2010...

-By Warner Todd Huston We all know the really famous actors that died in 2010. But there was also a bunch of actors that, when you see their face, you’ll remember… if, that is, you were a big TV and film watcher during the 1950s, 60s, 70s and/or 80s. Check out the familiar faces of... Read more »

Hollywood Lunatics and Other Stories

-By Warner Todd Huston It’s a holiday and some might say we should be charitable to the unfortunate. By unfortunate usually they mean those that don’t have as much as you and I. But one might construe “unfortunate” to mean being gut wrenchingly stupid, too. And when one thinks of the gut wrenchingly stupid one... Read more »

How The Old Media Constantly Undermines Sarah Palin

-By Warner Todd Huston Most media-watching conservatives have simply been flabbergasted at how the Old Media establishment has so neatly come together to destroy Sarah Palin. The Internet has been abuzz with examples of this attack on Sarah since she was chosen by John McCain to be her number two during the campaign for the... Read more »