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Delaware Stormtroopers Steal Citizen's Basketball Hoops

-By Warner Todd Huston This is the nanny state we’ve built. In Delaware you are not allowed to own a basketball hoop in front of your home and if you have the gall to erect one anyway, why the state’s stormtroopers will come to your home with thousands of dollars worth of cops, trucks, and... Read more »

Christine O'Donnell Responds to Rumors of Investigations

-By Warner Todd Huston Word has run like wildfire through the Internet that former GOP Senate candidate for Delaware, Christine O’Donnell, is under investigation for misuse of campaign funds. O’Donnell flatly refutes the claims and says that these rumors were started by operatives of the establishment of both parties in Delaware, rumors meant to prevent... Read more »

The Veracity of Karl Rove's Political Analysis is Suddenly Suspect

-By Warner Todd Huston During Delaware’s primary night Karl Rove was one of the analysts that sat with Sean Hannity on Fox News hashing out the results of the polls in several states. During his comments on Delaware’s winning candidate Christine O’Donnell, Rove eviscerated her as a loser even as she had just won the... Read more »