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Rep. Halvorson Helps Sponsor Calling Opponent a Nazi: Shame on You Debbie

The Kinzinger campaign jumping on the lefty protest featuring Democrat Congressman Debbie Halvorson’s staffers where they held signs calling Sarah Palin and GOP rival Capt. Adam Kinzinger a Nazi.

Democrat Rep. Halvorson (Illinois) Sponsors Protest Rally Calling Opponent a Nazi

-By Warner Todd Huston First time Representative Democrat Debbie Halvorson of Illinois’ 11th District is struggling in the polls against Republican Adam Kinzinger. Her desperation is starting to show, too, because her office just got caught supplying Democrat staffers to a protest rally holding signs that call Kinzinger a Nazi. Kinzinger is a veteran of... Read more »

Illinois 11th District, Dem. Halvorson Fires Campaign Manager

-By Warner Todd Huston Congressman Debbie Halvorson of the Illinois 11th District has fired the campaign manager that has been with her since the start of the campaign. Last month first termer Halvosrson was embarrassed by campaign manager Travis Worl when he sent a letter to the U.S. Air Force challenging the military status of... Read more »

Prairie Stater: Debbie Makes it Three, Another Taxpayer-Funded Direct Mail Piece

From the Prairie Stater’s John Reynolds We previously reported here and here about the taxpayer funded direct mail pieces being send out at your expense by Congresswoman Debbie Halvorson (D-11). Well, today, she made it three: that’s three taxpayer-funded direct mail pieces in as many weeks. Today’s mail piece was about veterans’ issues. We again... Read more »

SouthTown Star Scolds Rep. Halvorson for Specious Attack on Opponent's Military Record

-By Warner Todd Huston The Southtown Star finally had enough of Congressman Debbie Halvorson’s illicit attack on her 11th District opponent’s military record and published a July 20 editorial saying so. Halvorson jumped on the Mark Kirk bandwagon and tried to see if she could find any similar “lies” in GOP candidate Adam Kinzinger’s bio.... Read more »

Kinzinger Says BP Should be Held Accountable (11th District)

-By Warner Todd Huston 11th District Republican candidate for Congress Adam Kinzinger has come out with his stance on the BP oil mess down in the gulf. But while Kinzinger offers his ideas on BPs culpability, his opponent incumbent Democrat Congressman Debbie Halvorson is less interested in serious discussion and more interested in turning the... Read more »