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CBS' Bob Schieffer, Class Warrior: Hey, I know. Let's Soak the Rich!

-By Warner Todd Huston If there was any doubt about how hostile the Old Media is toward tax cuts, spending cuts, and making government accountable and Constitutionally justifiable, CBS’ Bob Schieffer is happy to dispel that doubt. On the April 17 episode of Face the Nation, Schieffer asked Congressman Paul Ryan (R, WS) why we... Read more »

Obama's Bribes to the Wash. Post and CBS

-By Warner Todd Huston In a blow to the autonomy of the media it has been discovered that employees of two Old Media outlets are the happy beneficiaries of hundreds of thousands of federal dollars from an Obamacare slush fund. CBS and the Washington Post have both taken large payments from Obama’s Early Retiree Reinsurance... Read more »

CBS Names Its Palin-Supporting Character After Terrorist

-By Warner Todd Huston The CBS drama The Good Wife, a politically charged soap-opera-like series, is coming under fire for naming its Sarah Palin-boosting character after America’s most infamous domestic terrorist, Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh. Matthew Vadum of the Washington-based Capital Research Center says that naming the character “McVeigh” conjures an unmistakable inference. “Calling... Read more »

Old Media Shields Rahm Emmanuel From Conservative Reporter, Threaten Violence

-By Warner Todd Huston This is really outrageous. William Kelly, who has a program on the weekends on Chicago’s WIND radio, went out with the rest of the media shadowing Rahm Emanuel as he walked around meeting and greeting Chicago voters yesterday. The outrageous part was that Kelly, a conservative, was pushed away by one... Read more »

CBS News (Chicago): The 'We Won't Report The News if it Hurts Democrats,' News

-By Warner Todd Huston CBS News decided that if certain aspects of the race for Illinois Senate between Republican Mark Kirk and Democrat Alexi “The Mob Banker” Giannoulias threaten to make news, why the good folks at CBS Channel 2 News will just refuse to cover it. I have to say, I find it interesting... Read more »