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Quinn's Tax Hikes Chasing Away Chicago Merc?

-By Warner Todd Huston Illinois Governor Pat Quinn and his profligate Democrat Party cohorts have been racking up the loss of one business after another since they decided to wildly raise the state’s taxes. Quinn’s and the Democrat’s next target seems to be the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, an ongoing Chicago tradition since 1898. Chicago has... Read more »

Roskam Receives U.S. Chamber's Spirit of Enterprise Award

From the office of Rep. Peter Roskam (R, 6th District)… Recognized for Supporting Economic Growth and Job Creation BLOOMINGDALE, IL — Congressman Peter Roskam (IL-06), Chief Deputy Whip, was awarded the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Spirit of Enterprise Award last week. Roskam received the award for his votes last Congress to create jobs and ensure... Read more »

Follow Up: Frightened Mexican Business Owners Look To Immigrate to USA

-By Warner Todd Huston Yesterday I wrote of how stricter immigration laws in the US are scaring away Mexico’s low-skilled, uneducated masses from wanting to come to the USA. I mentioned it was a good thing that the dregs of Mexico are staying in Mexico. Today I celebrate another story that reports that some of... Read more »

House Votes to Curb FCC's Internet Power Grab

-By Warner Todd Huston We’ve been writing about Obama’s attempt to take over control of the Internet for some time, now, and there is at last a bit of good news on that front. The House of Representatives has passed Congressional Resolution, H.J. Res. 37 aimed at preventing the FCC’s wild, unconstitutional powergrab. Chief Deputy... Read more »

ILL Gov. Quinn Signs the Boot Out Internet Companies Law

-By Warner Todd Huston Illinois’ Democrat Governor Pat Quinn has signed the so-called Mainstreet Fairness Bill brought to him by the Illinois General Assembly. The bill forces all Internet companies to charge Illinois’ 6.25% sales tax whether they are based in the state or not. Quinn signed the bill in the last few days before... Read more »

Ill. Ranks Second After California for Worst Financial Shape in Country

-By Warner Todd Huston According to Bloomberg News, “Meredith Whitney, the analyst who correctly predicted Citigroup Inc.’s dividend cut in 2008, will release a report rating California’s financial condition as the worst among the 15 largest U.S. states.” Illinois ranks second in the worst category. After California, New Jersey, Illinois and Ohio tie as the... Read more »

Tell Obama and Congress to Halt The Assault on Small Business

From the folks at the Free Enterprise Alliance, a group of free market advocates backed by the construction industry. Appearing on televisions in places near and far, ABC’s Free Enterprise Alliance this week will launch a new ad asking travelers to look around, find a representative, and tell them to Halt The Assault on free... Read more »

Ebay, Adobe, EA Games, Many Others Leaving California For Utah Over Confiscatory Tax Rate

-By Warner Todd Huston Computer software giant Adobe, computer game monster EA Games, and Internet auction king ebay are abandoning California to set up shop in Utah. Why? California’s horrid business climate and high taxes. Adobe Systems, maker of a suite of graphics programs such as Adobe PDF, Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign, have announced that... Read more »

Philly Wants Bloggers to Pay $300 Tax

-By Warner Todd Huston Are you a blogger in the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania? Do you have Google Adsense or some other sort of low-return ads on your blog? If so expect a letter soon from your friendly city treasurer demanding that you pay a $300 tax on your “money making business.” For most people... Read more »

The Era of Obama: Clorox Co. Loses Net Income to Taxes?

-By Warner Todd Huston In a harbinger of profit statements to come, Clorox Co. — maker of numerous household cleaning products — reports that it’s net income was nearly flat despite a one percent rise in revenue. The reason? Taxes. Clorox Co. says its fourth-quarter net income was nearly flat, even though its revenue rose... Read more »