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Barack Obama Deserves Great Kudos For Finishing Hunt for bin Ladden

-By Warner Todd Huston The particular operation that finally got this murderous monster, Osamma bin Ladden, has been ongoing for four years. It started at the end of Bush’s term in office. It has finished with dedication under President Barack Obama. Barack Obama was perfectly correct to send his Seal Team from Afghanistan and to... Read more »

Clinton Blasts Obama's Foot Dragging on Oil Drilling Permits

-By Warner Todd Huston Interestingly at the end of last week during the IHS CERAWeek conference held in Houston, Texas, former President Bill Clinton said that Obama’s constant delays on issuing offshore oil drilling permits was “ridiculous.” With this one might be able to claim that Bill Clinton is a “drill, baby, drill” booster, just... Read more »

Which is Worse?

-By Warner Todd Huston OR… Well? Is it worse that a teenaged girl played around with the idea of the occult or are the others a bit worse? What do you think?

Bubba Playing the Anti-Union Card?

-By Warner Todd Huston Could it be? Could Bill Clinton be supporting a candidate because that candidate is not the union choice? Well, apparently Hell hath frozen over because your favorite lip-biting president and mine… OK, not our favorite, but you know… appeared at a fund raising event for Arkansas Senator Blanche Lincoln and said... Read more »