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Telling Us Who They Fear: Left-Wing Journo Attacks Rep. Allen West

-By Warner Todd Huston Brandon K. Thorp, a gay activist from the alternative weekly Broward-Palm Beach New Times newspaper, is only the latest left-winger to launch into a verbal assault on Lt. Col. Allen West, now a Representative from Florida’s 22nd District. Like Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachman, Rep. West is one of the many... Read more »

The Beginning of the End of The Race Card?

We are seeing it more and more: black Americans decrying other blacks for throwing the race card. Here is a great and encouraging video of Congressman elect Allen West talking about the issue with Juan Williams on Fox News. (H/T

Politico Says Florida's Allen West Will Become the Alan Grayson of the Right?

-By Warner Todd Huston Lt. Col. Allen West is one of the most stand up guys you’ll ever meet. He first came to the public eye when his interrogation of an Iraqi yielded lifesaving results even as it was a bit unorthodox. His professional handling of that incident put him on a track to run... Read more »

Lt. Col. Allen West Tells Florida Dems 'Come and Get it!'

-By Warner Todd Huston While Obama plans to grovel at the feet of Iran’s lunatic “president”, we see a stark contrast in Florida’s 22nd District Congressional race where Lt.Col. Allen West is taking the fight to America’s enemies. Come on, Florida 22nd voters…. THIS is the kind of American we need in Congress.

Lt. Col. Allen West: Now THIS is a Real American

Lt. Col. Allen West (Army, retired) is running for Congress in Florida’s Second Congressional District. This video speaks for itself, but I just have to say that THIS man is a perfect example America’s best and brightest… Colonel West’s YouTube Channel On FaceBook On Twitter

Florida's Lt. Col. Allen West's Independence Day Address

Lt. Col. Allen West is running for Florida’s 22nd Congressional District. This man is the real deal, Florida. We need men like Col. West in Washington D.C.