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Local Illinois City Manager Makes More Than EVERY U.S. Governor!

-By Adam Andrzejewski, CEO| For The Good of Illinois Joliet City Manager is a $463,000 Whale In 2008, the Joliet hired a new City Manager. His starting base salary was $189,000. For 2011, the base salary increased to $196,500 and the City Manager out-earned every governor of the 50 states. In addition to this lucrative... Read more »

Who's Afraid of the Forensic Audit?

From Adam Andrzejewski and For The Good of Illinois… An orchestrated attempt to discredit the forensic audit is well underway. On Sunday, Bernie Schoenburg wrote an article defending Illinois Audit General William Holland. Holland claims that we misunderstand the term “forensic audit”. Holland said, “A forensic audit normally involves using accounting methods to investigate criminal... Read more »

Adam Andrzejewski Asks You to Vote OUT Judge Thomas Kilbride

Adam Andrzejewski, former Republican candidate for Illinois Governor and founder of For the Good of Illinois, urges voters to Vote “NO” on liberal Democrat Illinois Supreme Court Justice Thomas Kilbride.

Suburban Mom Beats Chicago Machine

From Adam Andrzejewski of For the Good of Illinois One month ago, For the Good of Illinois returned to promote self-governance in Illinois by engaging, educating, and empowering citizens to demand limited, accountable, and transparent government of, by, and for the people. As part of this mission, we launched For the Good of Illinois PAC... Read more »

For The Good Of Illinois: Grand Relaunch

From For The Good Of Illinois…. The wait is over! Today, For the Good Of Illinois is officially relaunching! We’re excited to announce the return of a legendary hero to champion limited, accountable and transparent government in Illinois. A culture of corruption fueled by failed political parties, patronage armies and gerrymandered political fiefdoms threatens to... Read more »

Tea Party Express Rolling Into A Town Near You

From Adam Andrzejewski’s For The Good Of Illinois… April 5 and 6, the Tea Party Express will be stopping in Illinois. First stop, Illinois State Fairgrounds in Springfield at 6pm on Monday. Second stop, Davis Park in Rockford at 2:30pm on Tuesday. The Tea Party Express is a national bus tour, which hosts tea party... Read more »