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Tammy Duckworth Says You're a Crackpot

From the Illinois Tea Party… Unable to demonstrate a clear understanding and command of the issues our nation is facing, Tammy Duckworth repeated the political lie of the year and insulted her own constituents in her first debate with Congressman Joe Walsh. Duckworth said, “…there’s not been a crackpot tea party idea that he hasn’t... Read more »

Dear 8th District Voters, Tammy Duckworth Just Called you 'Crackpots'

From the campaign to reelect Rep. Joe Walsh (R, Illinois 8th District)… You are not a “crackpot” for believing in fiscal responsibility Tonight’s debate between Congressman Joe Walsh and Tammy Duckworth featured a clear-cut difference between the two candidates. Joe continued to stand for lowering taxes, term limits, balancing our budget, and saving our safety... Read more »