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Stupid Internet Meme of the Week: Santorum's 'Rough' Handshake With Ron Paul Outrage

-By Warner Todd Huston Buzzfeed was the first to indulge it’s inner gossip — well, maybe its outer gossip since that is all that site is; gossip. Anyway, the stupid story of the day is based on the hearty handshake that Rick Santorum gave Ron Paul after Wednesday’s debates. Paul’s fans took offense at the... Read more »

Coverage of Tonight's GOP Debate

Coverage will begin as soon as the debate starts…

Can't We All Just Get Along? Is All This Primary Fighting Good?

-By Warner Todd Huston The campaign for the GOP nomination is really getting hot in Florida. The hard campaigning has caused a lot of bemoaning over the attacks going on between Mitt Romney, his ads and the ads sponsored by his super PAC, and Newt Gingrich’s own attacks. Everyone is concerned that this mudslinging and... Read more »

So What About that Pre-Florida Republican Debate?

-By Warner Todd Huston Instead of rehashing the whole January 26 Republican debate, I think it would be easier for me to post here all my Tweets from my live tweet of the debate. Some were fun, some serious and at the end I pass my judgment of how well the participants did. Below you’ll... Read more »

All Presidential Petition Challenges in Illinois Over

-By Warner Todd Huston Earlier today I was contacted by the Santorum campaign in Illinois and they let me know that a truce was in the works to put an end to the petition challenges for all of the presidential petitions. Now, it looks like Romney’s petition challenges are withdrawn. According to Cal Skinner, Santorum... Read more »

The Most Superficial Political Analysis Ever: The Candidates Ranked by Their T-Shirt Designs

-By Warner Todd Huston For months, now, we have all been involved up to our ears in policy debates, discussions of the candidate’s records, and general mud slinging in this Republican primary season. There’s more to come, too. So, let’s take time out to be completely shallow, shall we? Let’s judge the six remaining candidates... Read more »

Santorum/Romney/Paul: So What Did Iowa Prove?

-By Warner Todd Huston The 2012 Iowa Caucuses are now over and in a nail biting ending the two highest vote getters were separated by only eight votes. So, what did this caucus prove? It proved that organization matters, personal contact matters, and finally big money spent on TV might not matter as much. The... Read more »

How Ron Paul Might Win Iowa and STILL Get No Hawkeye Delegates

-By Warner Todd Huston My friend Michael Bates has raised some interesting — if technical — points. He notes that Ron Paul could very will win Iowa but still come away with few or even no Iowa delegates. After looking over Bates’ points, I think he has it right. But one thing he said is... Read more »

Yes Virginia The Internet Does NOT Replace Old Fashioned Politics

-By Warner Todd Huston When Howard Dean became a surprise front runner in the Democrat primary of 2004 doing so on the basis of a strong Internet-based campaign effort, tongues began to wag that the Internet might replace old fashioned retail politics. This time ’round Herman Cain and Newt Gingrich served to get people to... Read more »

Ron Paul's Dissembling About His Newsletters

-By Warner Todd Huston Famed opposition researcher Andrew Kaczynksi has dug up the ultimate video proof that Ron Paul is a liar with his current claims that he had no knowledge about those racist newsletters that carried his name for so many decades. Ron Paul has lately claimed that he had no idea that his... Read more »