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PANAMA: Another Narcotics-Dictatorship Massacre

-By Mauro Zuñiga Arauz On February 5 in the early morning hours the narcotics-dictatorship that oppresses the Panamanians, led by the fascist Ricardo Martinelli Berrocal, began a repression against indigenous Gnoble-Bugle groups, who keep the Interamerican road closed to protest against the approval of the law that allows mining and the construction of dams in... Read more »

PANAMA: Drug Gang-Owned Government Becomes Stronger

-By Mauro Zuñiga Arauz It is a known fact that many state governments producing and trafficking drugs have been, in one form or another, linked to drug traffickers. The same can be said about some institutions and administrative sectors of the importing countries. There is a triangulation between government, businessmen and traffickers. Mexican writer Anabela... Read more »

Panama: Cabinet Crisis of Government Crisis?

-By Mauro Zúñiga Araúz The current problem in the Panamanian cabinet is that the ministers are merged among themselves and with the President. The competition among them is not about productivity, which is close to zero, but about who achieves the dirtiest deals; a high percentage of them end up in the BOSS’ pockets as... Read more »

Panama President's Commitment to Drug Mafia Very Clear

(Note, a friend asked me to post this for her friend. And so…) -By Mauro Zúñiga Araúz When a President is placed in that position by drug trafficking, an inescapable commitment is acquired by the two parties. That is what is currently happening with the President of Panama, Ricardo Martinelli Berrocal. It is a well-known... Read more »