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For Half The Day, MSNBC Ignored U.S. Embassy Attacks in Cairo

-By Warner Todd Huston Aside from the 11th anniversary of 9/11, there was no bigger story on Sept. 11, 2012 than the attack made upon the U.S. embassy in Cairo, Egypt. But for half the day on Tuesday, MSNBC didn’t mention the incident. A careful review of MSNBC’s programming on Tuesday proved that up until... Read more »

MSNBC Producer Starts Shoving Match With Hecklers of Chris Matthews

-By Warner Todd Huston The Old Media establishment doesn’t seem much interested in the story, but apparently a producer for MSNBC’s Hardball With Chris Matthews started a shoving match with a pair of GOP fans who where heckling Matthews over his leg “tingles.” Host Matthews was taping a portion of his show on an outdoor... Read more »

Now Even The Word 'Chicago' Is Racist!

-By Warner Todd Huston In our new media era where everything said, thought, or alluded to is “racist,” we can now add the word “Chicago” to that growing-by-the-minute list of words that are now to be considered racial slurs. Thanks to MSNBC’s resident “biggest jerk in the room,” Chris Matthews, we now know that just... Read more »

Tingles Matthews: 'If I Were Obama, I'd Marry' Bill Clinton

-By Warner Todd Huston Can MSNBC’s Chris Matthews make himself any more of a laughing stock? This slobbering sycophant doesn’t just stop with the thrill he gets up his leg at the mere sight of Barack Obama, now he’s having fantasies that if he were Obama he’d “marry” Bill Clinton! No, we are serious. One... Read more »

Detached 'Journalist' Accidentally Admits He's Part of Obama Chorus

-By Warner Todd Huston Most “journalists” like to pretend they are separate from mere politics, but apparently MSNBC’s uni-named Touré doesn’t. He seems to assume he isn’t merely observing and reporting on President Obama, but is part of Obama’s team. We might assume this by his on-air Freudian slip delivered to us on Wednesday, August... Read more »

Obama Stimulus Bucks Paid for Advertising on MSNBC

-By Warner Todd Huston Jim McElhatton of the Washington Times has revealed that in 2009 Obama’s Dept. of Labor used Obama stimulus bucks to fund advertising on MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow and Keith Olbermann shows. We all thought the stimulus was a failure but I guess Obama really did stimulate someone’s economy. The advertisements were created... Read more »

MSNBC Commentator: Hey, Biden Talking In Black Dialect Didn't Mean He was Talking about Blacks!

-By Warner Todd Huston Proving that nothing so painfully obvious as Joe Biden saying that Republicans want to bring back chattel slavery can’t be spun away into meaningless babble, MSNBC trotted out Joy-Ann Reid on the August 15 broadcast of News Nation with Tameron Hall to prove it could be done. On Tuesday, Vice President... Read more »

VIDEO: An Open Letter to Toure of MSNBC

-By Warner Todd Huston MSNBC’s Toure suggested that Mitt Romney was engaging in the “niggerization” of Obama. This ignorant, assinine , cretinous, stupidity from this race-baiting piece of crap drew a very thoughtful reply from conservative African American named Kira Davis from California. Davis said that Toure’s comment made her “sick to my stomach” and... Read more »

MSNBC's Maddow Divines 'Racism' In Romney Ad

-By Warner Todd Huston Rachel Maddow of MSNBC is sure that Mitt Romney’s recent campaign ad is “racist.” How does she know? Well, she can’t point to anything substantive that proves it, so she has to feel that it’s racist and since she feels it, it must be so. The ad under Maddow’s cross-eyed microscope,... Read more »

Big Three Networks Ignoring Lie-Filled Obama Ad Portraying Romney as Murderer

-By Warner Todd Huston For two straight days, now, neither ABC, CBS, nor NBC have bothered to mention the roiling controversy over the lie-filled ad that Obama’s Super PAC put out intimating that Mitt Romney killed a steel worker’s wife. The ad is being called the nastiest, most misleading ad of this election cycle by... Read more »