Category: Media Bias

NPR Fawns Over Interview Programmed by White House

-By Warner Todd Huston Journalists used to pride themselves on their independence. They once thought that hard questions were their stock and trade especially when it came to hurling those questions at politicians. But even as they congratulate each other for their efforts — as NPR did recently — it appears that hard questions and... Read more »

The Atlantic Criticizes Romney Over Libya, But Mitt Was Talking About Egypt

-By Warner Todd Huston The Atlantic Wire accused Mitt Romney for a “less-than-factual” statement on Libya delivered in the hours after the attacks on our embassy. But in its rush to attack Mitt Romney, The Atlantic Wire got its countries mixed up as the statement it was condemning was Mitt’s statement on Egypt, not one... Read more »

For Half The Day, MSNBC Ignored U.S. Embassy Attacks in Cairo

-By Warner Todd Huston Aside from the 11th anniversary of 9/11, there was no bigger story on Sept. 11, 2012 than the attack made upon the U.S. embassy in Cairo, Egypt. But for half the day on Tuesday, MSNBC didn’t mention the incident. A careful review of MSNBC’s programming on Tuesday proved that up until... Read more »

NBC Gave Dem's Convention 25% More Coverage Than GOP's

-By Warner Todd Huston A new analysis of the airtime given to the national conventions of our two major political parties over the last several weeks reveals that NBC violated that oft repeated desire for “fairness” by giving the Democrat convention 25 percent more coverage than they did the Republican’s event. The analysis showed that... Read more »

NBC Skips 9/11 Moment of Silence to Talk Breast Implants with Kardashian

-By Warner Todd Huston This morning after 8AM Eastern most of the networks observed a moment of silence to commemorate the terror attacks that hit the Big Apple on Sept 11, 2001. But not NBC. No, NBC thought it would be much for fun to talk about boobs with a Kardashian. ABC, CBS, Fox, MSNBC... Read more »

Gawker's Soft Peddling Pedophilia

-By Warner Todd Huston Recently,, a left-leaning and sometimes profane general interest website, posted a story that makes excuses for child rape, calling it an “orientation” instead of a crime and stating that raping children is “a sexual relationship,” as opposed to the violation that it truly is. The piece entitled, “Born This Way:... Read more »

To Breitbart: Credit Where It's Due?

-By Warner Todd Huston In an otherwise interesting piece on the way conservatives set the agenda for media coverage of the Democrat convention and its removal of God and Jerusalem from the Party platform, Slate committed the all too common error of lazy attribution. In a Sept. 7 piece, Slate noted how conservatives had basically... Read more »

Mountains out of Molehills: The False Attack on Ryan's Mountain Climbing

-By Warner Todd Huston Democrats and their progressive cohorts are now trying to claim that Republican VP candidate Paul Ryan is lying about the number of times he’s hiked Colorado’s mountainsides. Naturally they are garbling the truth. Is there anything these left-wingers won’t try to make into an end-of-the-world outrage? This faux outrage is, indeed,... Read more »

NBC's Absurdly Rosy Jobs Reporting

-By Warner Todd Huston Friday morning’s Today show on NBC did its best to paint the most rosy scenario possible on Obama’s latest dismal jobs report. Attempting to inoculate Obama from this economic downturn, host Matt Lauer said that analysts he had “been reading” claimed that the economy will add up to 12 million new... Read more »

Actress Kyra Segdwick On Hollywood's Mistake: Ignoring Midwest

-By Warner Todd Huston Actress Kyra Sedgwick might be tempting fate in Hollywood with a recent interview on the Tavis Smiley show on PBS where she scolded her industry for ignoring the great middle of the country. Sedgwick was on the show discussing her recently concluded series The Closer on TNT and noted that the... Read more »