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After 90 Years, Catholic Charities Foster Care Will Cease in Illinois

From the Thomas Moore Society… State’s Action to Remove Children from Charities’ Care Forces Cessation of Lawsuit (CHICAGO, IL) Today November 14, 2011, the Thomas More Society announces that it will file a motion to dismiss the lawsuit brought by Illinois’ Catholic Charities against the State of Illinois, as the actions of the State have... Read more »

Illinois Government's War Against Religious Child Services Continues

-By Warner Todd Huston Earlier this year the State of Illinois moved to force religious-based children’s services to break their religious principles and give children in their charge to homosexual couples. Organizations such as Catholic Charities have been told by the state that they either break their religious principles or face being shut down by... Read more »

Illinois Government Attacks Freedom of Religion

-By Warner Todd Huston First Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan tried to have published for public consumption all the names and addresses of every gun owner in her state. Apparently she meant to harass the legal gun owners in her jurisdiction. Now she has launched an effort to harass religious adoption institutions and on the... Read more »