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The Star Trek The Next Generation Version of 'Let It Snow'

This was pretty funny, especially the “Shut up, Wesley,” part…

Were Rachel Maddow and Cameron Douglas Separated at Birth?

-By Warner Todd Huston You may have seen those many photo comparisons of people with the question “separated at birth?” captioning them? Well, for some Saturday fun, here is one to ponder… Here are a pair of photos, one of Cameron Douglas and the other of Rachel Maddow. Now you tell me… separated at birth?... Read more »

Bob Is A Racist

Black And Right helps us learn what is and what is not racist… Sadly, not a single liberal in the country will understand this video.

Devastating Youth Parody Song: 'The Obama That I Used To Know'

-By Warner Todd Huston You may be aware of the horrid song by Gotye called Somebody That I Used to Know. It is one of the worst songs I’ve ever heard. But that’s just me. Millions love the thing and it became quite a hit last year. It is so popular that many parodies of... Read more »

Video: A Conversation With My 12 Year Old Self

10-word review: Kind of funny. Liked it. Worth the five minutes. Clever.

My Call to the Department of Justice Racism And Civil Liberties HOTLINE!!

-By Warner Todd Huston My friend SooperMexican sends along the result of his call to Eric Holder’s DOJ Arizona racism hotline. Says Soops: When the news broke that the Department of Justice had set up a “hotline” to call in abuses of civil liberties in Arizona after the Supreme Court ruled on SB1070, I didn’t... Read more »

Funnystuff: Governor Christie and Mayor Booker: Don't Worry, We've Got This

-By Warner Todd Huston Governor Chris Christie gives us a bit of his sense of humor in this amusing video… Amusing, I think. The Governor deserves some praise for venturing outside the box on this, I have to say. This was amusing enough to be worth the watch. In fact, I’d say that this is... Read more »

Batman Says: Occupy Wall Street is a Crime Wave

How do I tell you what you are about to see? Hilarity? Truth? Hitruthaty? Ah, just watch…

Short Movie: The Sacred Soil of Blood Creek…

Very funny stuff…

An Illuminating Interview With Australia's Bill Shorten

This is a real interview. I have to say John Clarke and Bryan Dawe couldn’t have written anything funnier. Bill Shorten is Australia’s Minister for Employment and Workplace Relations, and Minister for Financial Services and Superannuation. While this was a real interview, here is the Aussie team of Clarke and Dawe, a comedy duo that... Read more »