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FOX News Honors Hispanic Heritage Month: First Migrant Farm Worker to Become a NASA Astronaut

-By Warner Todd Huston Fox News has been celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month (Sept 15-Oct 15) and this week the cable newser featured a very interesting profile of the first Hispanic migrant farm worker that went on to become a NASA astronaut! As part of its month-long celebration, each Friday Fox News is featuring a profile... Read more »

Photo: The Very First Computer in the U.S. House of Reps

This is an interesting post from Roll Call’s Friday Flashback: The First Computer in the House These days, in absence of computers it would be hard for Capitol Hill to conduct any business. But in the late 1960s, the new technology was a novelty in a world of typewriters and the ever-reliable pen and paper.... Read more »

Window Closing on Saving Ronald Reagan's Chicago Home

-By Warner Todd Huston We have only a short time left to help save the walk up flat that Ronald Reagan lived in that is now situated near the University of Chicago. The 90-day reprieve will end on Wednesday and “the situation is bleak,” as John Ruberry notes today. Unfortunately, the six-flat that a young... Read more »

I Think I was Born in the Wrong Century!

-By Warner Todd Huston Being a conservative in the media, it is pretty plain that I am the odd man out. When I survey all my media brethren who are almost to a person extremely far to the left I realize I am just not one of “them.” But tonight I experienced one of those... Read more »

Professor: Hey That Thanksgiving Holiday is a Nazi Holiday, Ya Know?

-By Warner Todd Huston Yep, it’s another left-wing, anti-American, so-called “educator” coming out on one of our traditional national holidays and claiming that America is evil. Unfortunately, it’s become a tradition on every holiday that somewhere in the country a taxpayer supported university professor will come forth to trash one of our American traditions and... Read more »

I Am A Tired American

Are you sick and tired of the anti-Americanism surrounding you? Watch this and know you aren’t alone.

NBC Skips 9/11 Moment of Silence to Talk Breast Implants with Kardashian

-By Warner Todd Huston This morning after 8AM Eastern most of the networks observed a moment of silence to commemorate the terror attacks that hit the Big Apple on Sept 11, 2001. But not NBC. No, NBC thought it would be much for fun to talk about boobs with a Kardashian. ABC, CBS, Fox, MSNBC... Read more »

Not Done: 9/11 Still Infuriates

-By Warner Todd Huston I've been mulling this all day *today. What should I say about the tenth anniversary of 9/11? I mean, everyone expects a blogger to have something to say, right? Many people have written me to let me know that they feel I am "a good writer." Of course, I thank them for this compliment, but sitting here all day looking at an empty word document sitting ready to be filled with my 9/11 remembrance, I certainly feel that my little reputation is unearned. I've just found it so hard to start this piece. But sometime about 6PM on Sept. 10 I realized why it is so hard for me to start this piece. I am still furious. Feelings are still too raw, I still well up when I see video of the towers falling, my heart still stops when I see that heart-wrenching image of bodies falling from windows hundreds of feet in the air. I still get that dark feeling in the pit of my stomach, the same one I felt that morning in 2001. It's all still too emotional to write a mere memorial. My words fail me...

CNN's History of Democrat Party Forgets Jim Crow, KKK

-By Warner Todd Huston CNN took the time just ahead of the Democrat National Convention to put together a little primer on the history of the party and, while they do mention slavery as a prime issue in the party’s early days, no mention is made of its support of Jim Crow, Japanese Internment, or... Read more »

Apologize! Boston Globe Slams VP Biden Over 'Chains' Remark

-By Warner Todd Huston Last week the talk of the news cycle centered on yet another “gaffe” by Vice President Joe Biden. In front of an audience half filled with African Americans Biden made the outrageous claim that Republicans want to put blacks “back in chains.” Many left-wingers and Democrats rushed out to defend Biden’s... Read more »