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CNN Hides Facts: Cairo Riots Not About 'Offensive' American Movie, But Freedom of Blind Sheik The Goal

-By Warner Todd Huston Just before the crowd in Cairo, Egypt erupted in violence against the U.S. embassy there, CNN’s cameras were in the capital interviewing protesters who said that the main purpose for their protest was to have Sheik Omar Abdel-Rahman (known as the ‘Blind Sheik’) released from a U.S. prison. Yet as soon... Read more »

CNN's History of Democrat Party Forgets Jim Crow, KKK

-By Warner Todd Huston CNN took the time just ahead of the Democrat National Convention to put together a little primer on the history of the party and, while they do mention slavery as a prime issue in the party’s early days, no mention is made of its support of Jim Crow, Japanese Internment, or... Read more »

An Example of Assumed Racism, But Was it?

-By Warner Todd Huston During Wednesday’s Republican convention an incident occurred that was immediately portrayed as an example of Republican “racism.” It was on the lips of every newscaster, in every paper, and on every cable TV show. But was it really an example of racism? There is much room for doubt. The incident happened... Read more »

Just Some horrid Writing at

-By Warner Todd Huston Usually I point out the bias and left-wing lies of CNN, but in this short post I just want to point out that CNN can offer up some really poor writing, too. In its pre-Thursday GOP convention coverage, CNN foisted this gem on its reading public (my bold): Republicans’ nearly singular... Read more »

CNN's 'A Team' Rather Do Hurricane Coverage Than RNC Convention

-By Warner Todd Huston Something interesting to note about the front half of this week’s coverage of the news over at CNN is that the network’s A team reporters — Soledad O’Brien and Anderson Cooper — have for the most part eschewed the GOP convention preferring to stand in the winds of hurricane Isaac rather... Read more »

Fareed Zakaria Explains Himself

-By Warner Todd Huston Now that his plagiarism tribulations are over, TIME and CNN correspondent Fareed Zakaria has made a few new promises in order to prevent such a mess in the future, the chief of which is he’ll scale back some of his workload. One of the accusations that was made against Zakaria was... Read more »

CNN's O'Brien Scoffs at Democrat Spin Of Biden's 'Chains' Comment

-By Warner Todd Huston Perhaps in an attempt to prove she isn’t a left-winger after all, CNN’s Soledad O’Brien has found an Obama talking point that she feels quite comfortable slamming. O’Brien finds the spin that Vice President Biden didn’t mean anything by his “put ya’all back in chains” comment is a bit hard to... Read more »

Zak is Back! TIME & CNN Reinstate Fareed Zakaria

-By Warner Todd Huston Both TIME magazine and CNN have finished their internal review of Fareed Zakaria and have come to the conclusion that his plagiarism was an “isolated incident.” Hence, the Zak is back! TIME announced that Zakaria’s obvious — and admitted — plagiarism was an “isolated incident” and that Zakaria did not mean... Read more »

Paul Ryan: Most Talked About Pol on Facebook

-By Warner Todd Huston CNN reported this week that Rep. Paul Ryan has become the king of Facebook by knocking President Obama off “the most talked about” list of US politicians. CNN recently entered into a partnership with Facebook to track things political on the social sharing network and according to the new “Facebook-CNN Election... Read more »

DNC Chair Wasserman Schultz Demolished by... CNN's Wolf Blitzer?

-By Warner Todd Huston The most unkind cut of all is when your paper thin understanding of the facts is shredded by someone you think is on your side. This is what happened to Democrat National Committee Chairperson Debbie Wasserman Schultz when she kept trying to tell CNN’s Wolf Blitzer that Ryan’s Medicare reform plan... Read more »