Just as Bad: Proof of Ill. GOP Consorting With Union Thugs

-By Warner Todd Huston

Trevor Loudon attended last week's GOP convention and discovered the sad evidence that the Illinois Republican Party is just as bad as Democrats in its desire to consort with extremist, left-wing Marxists and union thugs -- not to mention fill their pockets with that dirty money.

At the GOP convention, Loudon found a crumpled invitation to one of the many soirees that political delegates attend while at conventions, this one specifically for the Illinois Delegation.

But this invite wasn’t just for a normal, GOP-styled party. No, THIS invite was for one sponsored by enemies to the taxpayer, enemies to the U.S. Constitution, enemies to democracy, enemies even to the very Republican Party to which these delegates belong. This party was sponsored by Illinois’ public employee unions, the very groups destroying this nation in general and Illinois most particularly.

As Loudon notes, "How can the Illinois State GOP justify taking money from Marxist controlled labor unions?"

How indeed?

Well, the answer is obvious. The Illinois GOP is but a junior partner to the Democrat Party in the task to destroy the Land of Lincoln. They are out to fill their pockets with taxpayer's dollars passed through the dirty hands of Illinois’ greedy public employee unions.

Illinois Republicans are equally as guilty as the Democrats.

It is truly disgusting.

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