Tingles Matthews: 'If I Were Obama, I'd Marry' Bill Clinton

-By Warner Todd Huston

Can MSNBC's Chris Matthews make himself any more of a laughing stock? This slobbering sycophant doesn't just stop with the thrill he gets up his leg at the mere sight of Barack Obama, now he's having fantasies that if he were Obama he'd "marry" Bill Clinton!

No, we are serious.

One has to wonder why people like Mathews have any credibility at all for the childish hero worship they engage in for Democrat leaders. As Matthews sits gushing like a 12-year-old schoolgirl, moon-eyed over a crush on mere political leaders one has to wonder how his "analysis" could be possibly taken seriously by anyone.

Matthews and his fellow MSNBCers simply have no credibility whatsoever. No wonder NBC is trying so desperately to distance itself from its cable cousin. It's a bad taint to be brushed with, isn't it?

This Matthews is just a circus clown.


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  • I'm fairly sure at least Bill Clinton likes girls.

    If I were Matthews I would have patented a little "tingle" rod that true believers could strap on to their pants leg.

    Now maybe he can pitch a pilot to NBC, called "When Barrack Married Bill".

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