Left Media Says Augusta National Let the Wrong Kind of Women Into Their Club

-By Warner Todd Huston

Once again we get the hypocrites on the left claiming that conservative women aren't real women after the decision by Augusta National Golf Club to accept Condoleezza Rice and South Carolina billionaire Darla Moore as their first female members.

On August 20, The Nation magazine, a left-wing staple, engaged in dehumanizing, or at least de-womanizing, Condi Rice and Mrs. Moore after it was announced that they were each honored with Augusta's two first memberships to women, a decision which broke the club's long-standing rule against allowing female members.

In a shallow piece of politics-based femicide, Dave Zirin discounted Rice's membership into Augusta as any sort of victory for women.

"Please forgive me if I don’t join the chorus of cheers," Zirin carped. "Rice and Moore are not twenty-first-century Jackie Robinsons, and their acceptance into this bastion of exclusion has nothing to do with women’s liberation and is utterly disconnected from the reality of daily life for millions of American women."

Zirin followed that with a series of boring old charges against Condi Rice making her out to be a murderer of Iraqi women because of her stint in the Bush administration. He even claimed she was personally responsible to the rapes of female members of our military during her years in office. One would have hoped that, since such rapes are still going on, Zirin equally excoriated Sec. of State Hillary Clinton, but fairness and truth isn't what was on Zirin's agenda. Only political attacks were.

"In a sane world, Rice would be awaiting trial at the Hague. Instead, she gets to play golf at a club that, incidentally, didn’t allow African-Americans until 1990," Zirin proclaimed.

He then took after the other woman admitted to Augusta, Darla Moore. He hated her because she was rich. One wonders if he expected that any woman admitted to Augusta would be from the mean streets? Of course they are going to be rich. It's a country club that charges upwards to $40,000 for the first year of membership. It's not likely that the average, middle class soccer mom is ready to foot that bill.

"I’m sure it’s tempting to look at today as an advance for women in sports. But it’s very difficult to think that today’s national celebration of a multi-billionaire and a war criminal has anything to do with women’s liberation," this cretin concludes.

Yes, to the left, a woman is not a woman unless she thinks like a leftist. Her body parts and levels of estrogen don't count to make her an official woman unless she agree with leftism. These people couldn't be more disgusting in their rank hypocrisy, their hatemongering, and their lies if they tried.

But this totalitarian ideology does tend to help one understand why leftists so often turn to genocide and murder to further their political goals. After all, in their own minds they've successfully been able to dehumanize anyone that disagrees with them. Therefore, they hold that anyone that disagrees with them aren't really worth anything and consequently their very humanity can be thoroughly discounted.

So, in their minds, Condi Rice and that evil rich chick aren't really women at all. Women's lib is not served. Case closed.

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