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This Sunday, hosts Jack Roeser and Carol Parsi welcome Jodi Carroll, Formerly a registered nurse, Jodi is currently a stay-at-home mom on a mission to get American voters informed. Three years ago, she came to the painful realization that the foundation for her opinions were little more than talking points, rather than researched and verified facts. She set out to become an educated voter, and ended up creating a voter education website to help other Americans through the political education process by provided the facts, helping to debunk media myths, givng information with a wider context, and taking their opinions back from the grip of our media and politicians alike.


The Purpose of Government is NOT Government Employees: As politicians of both parties struggle with the seemingly unending negotiations on pensions they are ignoring the biggest overwhelming problem with government in Illinois i.e. the ever increasing cost of public employee compensation.

A State Revolt Against Obamacare Emerges: After the Supreme Court’s ruling, President Obama declared ObamaCare “here to stay.” But a revolt is brewing among states that, if it continues, could cause key pieces of the misbegotten law to collapse.

Grayslake D46 Board Members go to Boston on the Taxpayers' Dime: Another example of brazenness by members of the District 46 School Board was their district paid trip to Boston, MA to attend the National Association of School Boards Convention in April. The total costs for the trip from the receipts provided was $2090.84.


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