Congressman Joe Walsh Has a Message for the Illinois GOP and America

-By Warner Todd Huston

Is Congressman Walsh Making a Populist Run for Illinois Governor?

Joe Walsh is not a rock star like Joe Walsh. Joe Walsh (the Congressman) is not Joe Walsh (The rock singer from the 1970s band The Eagles) yet both were in town this weekend working political ends. Singer Joe Walsh was stumping for Democrat Tammy Duckworth, a practically vacant, establishment Democrat who is good for little else but spewing talking points it doesn't seem she fully grasps, while Congressman Joe Walsh was across town warning voters at a well attended townhall that thanks to Obamacare, the 2012 election may be our last chance to save America. (

Walsh was in the Elk Grove area to talk chiefly about the historic and historically bad Supreme Court decision that gave Obama a win on his nationalization of America's healthcare industry. So, Obamacare was the big topic this day.

"I was overwhelmed by the close to 400 people who turned out for today's forum," Congressman Walsh stated. "It was clear from the crowd that this decision was not only historic, but also tragic. It's even more clear that the only way to repeal this unpopular law is to do so legislatively. This health care plan is a job killing bureaucratic mess that is now recognized by the Supreme Court as a massive tax on the struggling middle class. I have made it clear that getting Americans back to work and repealing the President's health care plan are my top priorities."

More on healthcare in a moment, but first, after the townhall I had the chance to ask the Congressman some questions about his ideas and his campaign for reelection to his 8th District Congressional seat.

At the outset of our interview, Congressman Walsh had some very stern words for the Illinois Republican Party. In fact, he said the Illinois GOP is currently part of the problem, not the solution.

Here is a transcript of Walsh’s warning to the Illinois GOP.

People who think like we do are lost in Illinois because the Republican Party in Illinois has been complicit in the downfall of Illinois. We have problems in Illinois because the Republican Party ages ago in this state lost its soul.

They don't stand for any ideas, they're a machine party. It's easy to go after Michael Madigan [most powerful Illinois Dem and Speaker of the Ill. Houde] and we should. He needs to be physically removed from Springfield, but…

… this state wouldn't improve at all if we put the Republicans who are in control of Springfield now in charge. They don't understand or stand for things like limited government and cutting taxes and getting rid of regulations, they don't stand for any ideas. So the Republican Party needs to be cleansed in Illinois.

We will lose this state if there's not an alternative party and let's be honest, there is no alternative party in Illinois to Michael Madigan and big government, corrupt acts.

So, when I talk like this, can a guy like me get elected in Illinois? I don't know. But I think most of the grassroots feel like we do. but if just elect another establishment person as Governor of Illinois in two years we don't win.

This isn't the talk of someone disinterested in state politics, a guy concerned only with federal issue -- though he is assuredly interested in those.

Is Walsh testing the waters for a populist run for Illinois Governor? Many feel he is. If he is, though, he isn’t doing it as an establishment Illinois Republican, that is for certain sure.

As to those federal issues, the most important being Obamacare, the principle subject of the day's event, Walsh had more black and white points to make.

The Congressman felt that the Supreme Court's decision on Obamacare could be considered a "gift from God." This because it gives the American people the chance to correct this monumental, country destroying error at the ballot box where it should have been done in the first place.

Walsh feels that this election is the last chance we have to put America back on track toward the American first principles of small government and personal responsibility. If Obama wins, he says, America loses. The crowd of nearly 400 fully agreed with the Congressman.

It was evident that these people weren't interested in aging rock stars prancing about a stage singing ancient rock tunes. They care about their country. So does Congressman Joe Walsh.


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  • Great reporting! It is very apparent why the print media is no longer relevant like it once was, THE DAILY HERALD in particular. They have been vehement opponents of Congressman Joe Walsh. Their editorial staff does not serve the public. I hope people continue to boycott them and cancel their subscriptions!

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    I was at that town hall mtg and it was excellent. Clear undersanding of how this take over of our hc and our rights to determine our lives as WE think best. I thought the crowd was closer to 500 by my count and most had the same concerns and worry on how close we are to losing this exceptional country. a VOTE for Rep. Joe Walsh to return to Congress is a vote to secure freedom for our children and grandchildren.

    If by chance he does not make it then he must run for Governor and oust Quinn.

    THANK YOU REP. JOE WALSH. I'm not in your district but you have my support, I am walking districts, contributing and calling on your behalf - you are the Scot Walker for Illionois.

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    Regardless of how you spin it Joe Walsh was and continues to be disrespectful of Tammy Duckworth. Even his clarification drips of disrespect. I am sorry I am not in his district so I can vote against him.

  • In reply to Joe Smith:

    Come on. You're a Democrat "Joe Smith." Why should you worry about being in Joe's district to vote? You gDemorat criminal types vote even when you're dead, after all.

  • Joe was my first political science teacher at Oakton Community College approximately 19 years ago. He was an unbelievably passionate teacher and truly contributed to my love of history and politics.

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