ABC's Kimmel Calls Palin 'Crazy Moose Lady'

-By Warner Todd Huston

From the mouth of Jimmy Kimmel, the late night comedian that said it was impossible to make fun of President Obama because he was too "cool," comes the hilarity that Sarah Palin is a "crazy moose lady." This was so hilarious that CBS This Morning had to replay it hours later on its morning show.

Not only did Kimmel slam Palin -- who really has not been much in the news of late and is not a factor in this presidential campaign -- he also used his joke to slam GOP candidate Mitt Romney as somehow worse than Palin, a claim that no one is making, not even Obama's people. This shows how extreme Kimmel is, really.

Adding to a news account of Mitt Romney's release of tax returns during his 2008 run for the GOP nomination, Kimmel joked, "Romney actually did back in 2008. McCain took one look at him and said, you know what? I'm going with the crazy moose lady instead."

Kimmel's joke is based on rumors that John McCain briefly considered his former opponent as his own Vice Presidential pick in 2008.

Kimmel pulled out these jokes on his ABC late night show Jimmy Kimmel Live on July 17.

As noted, back in April, Kimmel admitted that he just couldn't bring himself to make fun of President Obama telling Reuters, "It's hard to make fun of Obama in general because he's a cool character."

As Matthew Balan notes, this was the second day in a row that CBS This Morning used a clip of a left-wing, Romney-bashing comedian to amuse its morning show viewers.

Evidently, it isn't too easy for CBS This Morning to find any comedians making fun of The One.


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  • Palin has become the butt of a lot of jokes. And, frankly, I think she's earned it.

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    Just more proof that ABC and CBS are liberal, pro-Obama shills. Their credibility as news outlets is gone!

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