New Tax on 1.3 Million IL Families‏

From the Illinois Tea Party…

Illinois taxpayers are used to their hard earned tax dollars disappearing into thin air, but now there is a bill in the Senate that would allow the state to tax thin air. A Senate committee approved a 5% tax on satellite service, HB 5440, on Wednesday by a 10-4 vote. If HB 5440 passes, a new 5% tax will be imposed on the 1.3 million Illinois families with satellite television services. Instead of your family saving money by staying in, Springfield politicians will make sure you're paying more to watch television in your own home. We can not afford any more tax increases in this economy.

Contact Your Legislators to Vote NO on HB 5440.

Senate Democrats and some Republicans argue we need to raise taxes on people with DirecTV or Dish Network out of "fairness". After all, cable customers already pay a 5% tax on their service. Of course cutting taxes on people with cable wouldn't be considered fair, only raising taxes is ever considered fair by big government politicians.

Furthermore, cable companies, like Comcast, string cable lines through public streets and sidewalks. Satellite companies do not - dishes are maintained completely on and in private homes and the signal travels through the air. Springfield politicians are now treating the air we breathe the same as public ways maintained by taxpayers. Never underestimate the ability of government to find new activities to tax.

Why would Republicans support another tax increase? Follow the money.

Two Republican State Senators, David Luechtefeld and John Jones, joined Senate Democrats in voting YES to HB 5440 in committee on Wednesday. Comcast is the country's largest cable service provider and competes with satellite companies in Illinois for television and broadband internet services. Senator Luechtefeld received a $3500 contribution from Comcast last December and Senator Jones received a $2000 contribution in November of last year.

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Contact Your Legislators to Vote NO on HB 5440.

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