Chief Justice Roberts Reelected Barack Obama On Thursday

-By Warner Todd Huston

I know many of you may be upset at this article, but I think the election is now over. Obama will get a second term. I don't say this happily, but barring any really controversial incident that makes Obama look bad -- or worse than he is, I should say -- it looks to me that he's now unbeatable, especially by a Mitt Romney.

Now, before you get your undies in a bunch, no this doesn't mean we should throw in the towel and quit. It always amazes me that people go stampeding directly for the "oh, so you think we should quit" nonsense. I am not saying that, so stow your whining.

To me, the stars seem to be lining up for another Obama win, though certainly one not close to his numbers the first time 'round. Infuriatingly, it is Supreme Court Justice John Roberts that tipped it in for Obama. His giving Obama the supreme win on his socialist takeover of our healthcare system is the win Obama needed to show that he is "on the right track" as far as too many voters will be concerned.

If the Court would have invalidated Obamacare as it should have, Obama would have looked weak. He would have looked the loser. This would have been enough to keep some of his most freebie-loving voters from the polls on voting day and given Romney a fighting chance. But now that "free" healthcare is a big win, the "gimme" set will come out to vote for neo socialist Obama in hopes that in a second term he'll pay their mortgage and give them a no-work government job.

But even beyond these freebie-grasping, lowlives that will now vote for Obama when many wouldn't have been excited enough to come out were it a "free" healthcare loss, other Democrat voters who were down on Obama because he seemed to be losing everything lately will now feel energized to come out and vote.

The polls are showing that the country is fairly split down the middle on "free" healthcare and the Democrats have almost five months to bring those percentages up enough to tip the scale in their favor on the issue. This will also mean votes.

Let's be sure to note that it is very likely that the Democrats will be able to tip that scale, too. The fact is they will continue to lie about everything that this "free" healthcare law is. Even though the only reason they were able to get this past the SCOTUS is because Roberts construed the whole thing as the biggest tax hike in America history, the Democrats will continue to lie and say it isn't a tax hike.

Further, their main supporters for this socialist government takeover of our healthcare system will say it doesn't matter if it is a tax, anyway. It will be "the right thing to do" as far as they are concerned and they simply don't care if it is really just a massive tax levied to pay for "free" healthcare. The fact that it is a giant tax will only be concerning to a small segment of the voting public.

On top of that we will have the Old Media establishment cheer leading for Obama for the next five months. They will not report Obamacare as a giant tax, they will push every narrative and lie the Democrats concoct to justify this law, and they will daily portray Obama as the great victor in Washington. Enough people that pay little attention to political reality will be infused with this message that they will see little reason to vote for Obama's opponent.

Then there is Mitt Romney, the Democrat's ace-in-the-hole.

During the coming "free" healthcare victory laps the media will give Obama all the way until November, more people will come to discover that Mitt Romney implemented Obamacare before it was called Obamacare when he was governor in Massachusetts.

Voters will not understand how a guy that said Obamacare was a great idea only a few years ago can be the same guy claiming he'll repeal it if he becomes President. Left with the choice of the guy that stands behind his Obamacare decision -- that would be Obama -- and one that made the decision once but now seems to just be playing politics with it -- that would be Romney -- many uninformed voters will just go with the guy the media says is telling the truth -- that would be Obama.

Finally, you add in the fact that some segments of our economy have shown modest recovery and the Republicans will have lost their other main avenue of attack on Obama. The Old Media establishment will also portray this as a robust, soaring economic recovery -- even though it isn't -- and the barely aware voters will choose Obama again.

So, it seems to me that Chief Justice John Roberts and the Old Media have done and will do enough to get Obama his razor thin margin of victory in November.

Now, what can we do? We can pound home that this Obamacare Tax hike will ruin the country. That will sway many voters. Will it be enough? I doubt it, but we must try.

As to Romney, I believe him when he says he'll work to repeal it. He's made this a central part of his campaign and if he were to ignore that once in office he'll have not only destroyed his presidency but irrevocably ruined what little credibility the Republican Party had left. Romney will be 100% tied to trying to get rid of Obamacare should he win the White House. This is another message we must push. We must try to deter skeptics who imagine he is just lying about repeal to get elected (especially considering the fact he was an Obamacare booster in the past).

We must also continually highlight the poor economy and pin that to Obama.

Lastly we must hope that some other disaster hits Obama that we can take advantage of.

Yes, it does seem like a forlorn hope. But it's all we've got. Believe me. I wish I saw things differently. Obama has been the most destructive president in American history and he needs to be fired. Sadly, I just don't think it will happen.

Do I hope I’m wrong? You bet I do. A second Obama term will thoroughly destroy this country. We'll already have a devil of a time trying to come back from Obamaism as it is. But four more years will forever end the great experiment that was the American Republic. We will officially be a socialist nation in 2016 if Obama wins a second term. We need to avoid that wretched, European fate and eliminating Obama at the ballot box is the first step in doing that.


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  • How did we ever survive the socialism of FDR?

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    We almost didn't. It took Reagan to bring us back... a little.

  • Wow.. get off the ledge here bud. It was a great day in American history. Principal over partisanship.

    If Obama was so vulnerable and unpopular, then why did we get such a weak slate of Republican candidates? I voted for Romney last cycle in the primaries, but not this time.. too much pandering to people like you who know he's full of crap when he does it and will just revert back to the middle if elected. There's not a real person in that suit.. just a walking Reagan impersonator.

  • In reply to Bumsteer:

    I'd suggest you are not really telling us the truth when you say you voted for Romney in the past and won't now. But regardless, a vote for Romney is a vote to temporarily stave off the end of our Republic. A non vote, a vote for Obama or a vote for a silly third party guy is a vote directly to destroy the USA (because all three votes are a vote in favor of Obama).

    I did not support Romney. I did not vote for him in 2008 and did not vote for him in this late primary. I don't like him a bit. But Obama is the most dangerous man in American history, so I have but one choice and that is to vote for Romney. I'd rather have a weak Romney in the White House than the destroyer of the Republic we now have.

  • In reply to publiusforum:

    It wasn't true when Democrats falsely argued Bush's election would destroy America, and it's not true when Republicans argue Obama's election would do the same.

    You don't think it's a tad hyperbolic to say Obama is the "destroyer of the Republic?" I just don't get if people (on either side) say it because they truly believe these kind of comments or if it's just said out of frustration.

  • In reply to Jimmy Greenfield:

    Of course it wasn't true for Bush. He never had goals to utterly remake America into something else. Obama, on the other hand, has as a specific goal the total remake of America away from what we are to some Euro-trash hybrid with Stalinism. He is almost done doing that. It will be hard enough to correct the anti-American stuff he's already done, but another four years and we won't be able to ever fix it.

    Obama wants to end our Constitution because it is an impediment to leftism. With Obamacare he went a long way towards making the Constitution utterly irrelevant.

    He wants capitalism ended and turned into a proto Fascist version of itself, one where HE controls all from the White House while still pretending there is "private ownership." He's already taken over several large corporations and with his meddling in the faux "Green" industry he's trying to do it there.

    His last goal is to assist in the decline of the USA so it is no longer powerful. He's doing a masterful job of creating a decline with his foreign policy.

    There is far, far more but those are the lowlights.

  • The most dangerous man in American history?

    That's one of the most absurd statements in American history.

    Look, if you are going to groom yourself like Teddy Roosevelt, get on board with healthcare like he was. Or shave the 'stache. Your call.


  • Please could you let me know with examples why Obama is the most dangerous man in history?

    Also the European Socialists as you call them are the ones trying to reduce their government and look what it brings them, unemployment, riots and bankruptcy and negative growth. At least the US is growing 2. something %!!

  • I have asked this before, and I will ask again: Why should the ability to obtain quality health care (which ultimately requires having affordably priced health insurance) have anything to do with one's employment situation? What if I work for an employer who either does not offer health insurance or the insurance that is offered is unaffordable? What are the options? Continue to use the emergency room as my primary care provider? Yes, "Obamacare" is an abomination, but only compared to the current situation, especially for those of us without health insurance. Obamacare is the necessary compromise, because the better option, single payer healthcare, is out of the question.

    So I ask again, Warner, what are the options for those of who are underemployed/unemployed and cannot obtain health insurance through our employer?

  • In reply to InterestedObserver:

    I agree that healthcare insurance should not be tied to employment. In fact, I think that was a union-sponsored mistake from the early 1950s. We should always have had to do this for ourselves. (By the way, as a freelance writer, I also have no healthcare insurance. Just can't afford it.)

    One problem is that the states have made it illegal for insurance companies to deal across state lines. This happened because states want to tax and regulate it for themselves.

    Then, once the feds get involved it gets even worse.

    The fact is, government involvement IS the problem, not the solution, to our healthcare insurance troubles. You can't blame the free market because there IS NO free market in healthcare. None.

    So, Obamacare is no compromise. It is death panels personified. The free market would be the real solution.

  • Thank you for your response. I agree: Employer subsidized health insurance was originally offered by General Motors to yes, its unionized employees as a low cost "throw-away" fringe benefit. I also appreciate the fact that you and I are in the same boat, at least to the extend neither of us has employer supplied health insurance.

    However, you still did not answer my final question: What should those of us who cannot obtain/afford/access health insurance through our employers do? Pay for it from post tax earnings? What if our earnings are too low (despite working two or three part time jobs in many instances) to afford health insurance? I assume your status as a freelance writer (meaning: self employed) enables you to deduct the cost of health insurance from your income taxes if you are purchasing health insurance on your own. As you know, employees cannot deduct health insurance premiums if the insurance is obtained outside of employment.

    And finally, "death panels"? Come on, are you actually getting your talking points from Sarah Palin?

  • In reply to InterestedObserver:

    If you are just going to the "Sarah Palin" reference to dismiss the idea of "death panels" then you really aren't paying attention. By NECESSITY once gov't takes over our healthcare there HAS to be death panels. There is no other way it can happen. Now that Obama has taken our healthcare over to be run from the WHite House HE (and his cronies) will decide who lives and who dies, who gets his healthcare largess and who doesn't. There really isn't any other way it could be. It's just a fact. Period.

    As to what those that don't have or can't get insurance, that is what Medicaid and Medicare were for. But Obama will be destroying Medicare to fund Obamacare, so that will be an option ended and Obamacare will not do what Medicare does. Not even close. So that means care will be lost to millions, not gained!

    Worse, the care we will get from gov't doctors will be inferior, medical invention and innovation will stop, medical expertise will atrophy, good docs will quit (leaving the less skilled, less caring gov't docs) and costs will soar.

    Obamacre will materially harm our medical milieu in America. There is no other way it can happen. We can see it in every country where gov't healthcare has taken over.

  • In reply to publiusforum:

    And yet name a country that wants to get rid of its national health care system.

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    What country (including ours) ever gets rid of ANY law??

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