Will the Illinois GOP Confirm there’s a War on Women?

-By Doug Ibendahl

Democrats have been trying to make political hay by spinning the idea that Republicans are engaged in “a war on women.” Obviously I think that caricature is an absolute bum rap. It’s just empty rhetoric one expects during a heated campaign year.

But there’s a situation brewing in central Illinois where Republicans risk lending legitimacy to the Democrats’ attacks.

U.S. Rep. Tim Johnson, R-Urbana, created a circus when he announced after winning the GOP Primary in March that he didn’t want to run for reelection after all. Now his Republican replacement on the November ballot must be chosen.

The district at issue is the newly drawn 13th Congressional. It encompasses all or parts of 14 counties. According to state law it’s those 14 Republican County Chairmen who get to make the pick. Any voter can presumably pass their comments and preferences on to those 14 County Chairmen, but at the end of the day only those party officials get to decide.

The 14 County Chairmen have set Saturday, May 19 as the day they’ll make the final vote and name the new nominee…

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