Sun-Times Sports Columnist Gets In Trouble Over Sexist Tweets

-By Warner Todd Huston

As he waited on the tarmac to get in the air, Sun-Times sports columnist Joe Crowley Tweeted that his pilot was a "chick," and wondered if it was sexist to say so? That and his other similar Tweets got ol' Joey in dutch with his Sun-Times bosses who demanded he cease making the paper look bad with his sexist behavior.

Joe immediately deleted his entire Twitter account, but a few examples have been saved by various Chicago sports fans.

Flight delayed because of 'Mandatory Crew Rest.' God forbid anyone strains themselves handing out orange juice off a cart for an extra hour.
I'm more likely to see a Squatch before I see a hot flight attendant. Then again, I think the airlines are hiring Squatch's to do that job.
Chick pilot. Should I be OK with that or am I just a sexist caveman?

This isn't the only time Crowley has made such sexist comments, either.

Deapspin blog notes that Crowley dismissed reporter Jessica Danielle as someone merely trying to act the "cool chick," one that is but pretending to be a reporter.

Former Sun-Times employee Ricky O'Donnell also had some fond memories of pal Joey today, too. Makes for amusing reading, anyway.

One would think that an adult would be aware that his behavior reflects on his employer -- especially when said adult is in a high profile, public position like a journalist -- and that he'd understand that his words on a public platform like Twitter won't just slide by unnoticed. But I guess we can't ascribe the term "adult" to Joey!

For its part, the Sun-Times has invoked the union's "final notice" contract clause. This means that the paper can fire him the next time he does anything they feel is untoward and the union is outta luck to do anything about it.

Fair warning, Joe. One more screwup and yer history.

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