Rage in the Illinois House

-By Warner Todd Huston

Illinois House Rep Mike Bost (R, Murphysboro) came to his wits end over the last second introduction of a pension reform bill by House Speaker Michael Madigan (D). The bill was introduced only minutes before Madigan wanted to force the House to vote on the bill. As the bill was introduced, Bost went nuts on the floor screaming and throwing papers in a rage.

“These damn bills that come out here all the damn time, come out here at the last second!” Bost yelled. “I’ve got to figure out how to vote for my people!”

Bost's biggest complaint is the fact that for years only one man has had total control over the entire state. That one person would be Democrat House Speaker Mike Madigan.

But he is also 100% right that the way this state runs (and is being run down the drain) is not the way democracy should work. How is it that Madigan and his Democrats have the gall to introduce an extensive "reform" bill one minute and then expects everyone to vote for it the next minute?

How is it that Democrats have the stones to constantly force elected officials to vote on bills that they have no way to have read and not enough time to understand? Rubber stamping bills by token votes made in fealty to an autocratic ruler is NOT democracy but that is how Illinois works.

It just shows how Illinois is the worst state in the country in nearly every category.


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  • Wow, now that is the way to fight for your constituents. Frankly, I'm surprised that doesn't happen more often.

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  • In reply to Jimmy Greenfield:

    Hey Jimmy-

    I thought the EXACT same thing. This guy must not be from Illinois...he has a pair.

  • Good for him for standing up for his people. Lawmakers should have time to review bills, but don't, here in IL and elsewhere.

  • People say some nasty things about the Tea Party, but this is an issue where the Tea Party is more than correct.

    At the Continental Congress, independence wasn't a motion put before the delegates with 5 minutes to discuss before voting.

    At the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia, issues such as electing the legislature, electing a president, and the power to tax were debated at length. They weren't presented 5 minutes before a vote was taken.

    What really bugs me is how the people of Mike Madigan's district keep voting him every two years. Even the people of the northwest side got tired of Dan Rostenkowski and voted in the Republican, simply because they wanted to make a statement that they were tired of the usual Washington politics.

    What I want to know is how thick is Mike Madigan's skin? He gets bashed by the newspapers and various political pundits. He gets bashed by the GOP. He gets bashed by downstaters and do-good liberals in Chicago. He gets bashed by academics who peg Illiniois as one of the most corrupt places in the U.S.

    People like to be praised every once in a while for doing a good job. Yet, no one ever says what a great speaker Mike Madigan is.

    Even Phil Rock got tired of being bashed by the media. So, what make Mike tick, such that the constant criticism doesn't make him cry uncle and call it a career?

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    Two words: Lisa Madigan.

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    That is a man of integrity and backbone, the kind you do not see every day in any government position. He has courage and will fight for his constituents day in and day out, he has my vote for any position he wishes to run for. Mike Bost is the man!!!

  • I've never agreed with anything you've written---until now.

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    It doesn't happen more often because the Il GOP are gutless wonders who only want to maintain leadership of the minority. Let's get some REAL conservatives elected to replace the complicit GOP establishment

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