Dee Beaubien and Kurtz Style of Politics Becoming Extinct

From Don't Elect Dee Beaubien…

Just as you have to go to a museum to see a dinosaur, to find a political dinosaur, like a pro-choice Republican, you will soon have to go to the history books because they are, rightfully, becoming extinct. Beth Coulson is out of politics, so is Rosemary Kurtz, Rosemary Mulligan is on the way out, Suzanne Bassi was retired by the voters of her Palatine district. Arlen Specter switched parties to the pro-abortion Democrats.
The examples go on and on.

Rosemary’s daughter Donna Kurtz had this to say about the late Mark Beaubien on the web site…

Donna Kurtz, Republican McHenry County board member said she is a product of the Beaubien family. “It was Mark’s ability to work across the aisle,” she said. “We refused to let that memory slip away, we refused to settle for anything less.”

Kurtz the Younger came to support Dee Liberal’s campaign announcement. If she is going to continue down this ill-advised path she should resign her standing as a Republican County Board member and run for re-election as an independent or a Democrat.

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