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This week's guest on Champion News Talk Radio is State Representative Tom Morrison, who serves the 54th District out of Palatine. Tom is a former News reporter and news anchor, a former teacher, and a small businessman. He will discuss happenings in the state legislature with show hosts Jack Roeser and Carol Parisi. This show will give listeners a good insight into what's going on in Springfield.


10 Things You Probably Don't Know about Teachers' State Pensions: These facts may surprise some readers, but they show the real roots of Illinois' public pension crisis.

Spineless IL Politicians Propose to Shift Pension Burden to School Districts: Public employee pensions have been a state expense. Therefore, a big chunk of legacy costs don’t need to be shown on school district books. But new legislation proposed by Senate Democrats seeks to change that. They want local school districts to bear that burden.

A Supreme Court Shock for Liberals: They’re so convinced of their own correctness — and so determined to believe conservatives are either a) corrupt, b) stupid or c) deluded — that they find themselves repeatedly astonished to discover conservatives are in fact capable of a) advancing and defending their own powerful arguments, b) effectively countering weak liberal arguments and c) exposing the soft underbelly of liberal self-satisfaction as they do so.


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