Is Ill. Rep. Bill Foster Smarter than a Vice President?

From the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC)…

Vice President Biden Takes 11 Minutes to Dodge a Question About Soaring Gas Prices Under Their Watch – Perhaps His Illinois Democrat Ally Can Explain

WASHINGTON --- Rather than admit that the Democrats who control Washington have failed on energy, Vice President Joe Biden took a simple question about high gas prices and turned it into an 11-minute rambling that explained nothing. Since his prospective Democrat leaders seem unable to, can Bill Foster explain why years of Washington Democrat policies have seen the price of gas double since President Obama took office?

“After years of failed Democrat energy policies that have seen prices at the pump soar, Bill Foster should explain why voters would want to double down on failure,” said NRCC Communications Director Paul Lindsay. “It is clear that Democrat leaders in Washington are struggling for excuses, so perhaps Foster can help them out – and preferably in less than 11 minutes.”

When asked a simple question about skyrocketing gas prices on Tuesday, Vice President Biden took 11 minutes to dodge the question:

“During an event in Norfolk, VA: VP Joe Biden spends over 11 minutes blaming high gas prices on Iran, Oil Fields, speculation and various other reasons. ‘I’m going to give you a brief answer,’ Biden said before his long response.” (“Biden Gives 11-Minute Meandering Answer To Question On Gas Prices,” Real Clear Politics, 4/3/12)

Perhaps this is because the energy policy President Obama and his Washington Democrat allies are pushing most will actually make gas prices higher according to the Congressional Research Service:

“The Administration estimates that the tax changes outlined in the budget proposal would provide $22.8 billion in revenues over the period 2012 to 2016, and over $43.6 billion from 2012 to 2021. These changes, if enacted by Congress, also would reduce the tax advantage enjoyed by independent oil and natural gas companies over the major oil companies. On what would likely be a small scale, the proposals also would make oil and natural gas more expensive for U.S. consumers and likely increase foreign dependence.” (Robert Pirog, “Oil and Natural Gas Industry Tax Issues in the FY2012 Budget Proposal, Congressional Research Service, 3/3/12)

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