Former Ill. Rep. Bill Foster Campaigns for Bigger Government, Not Small Business‏

From the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC)…

Former 14th District Representative Bill Foster took the stage on April 16 with some fellow Illinois Congressional candidates to campaign on their Buffett tax hike, which would increase taxes on small businesses just when they are trying to grow in the struggling economy. Foster may brag about how the Buffett tax would reduce the deficit which – by the way – has grown faster under President Obama than any other president in American history. For some context, the federal government had already spent $4.6 billion today before Foster’s press conference started at 11:15am.

Instead, Foster makes it clear that he is running to grow government at the cost of small businesses. Spending and debt are currently at their highest ever levels in American history, and the economy continues to struggle. Clearly Foster has not learned that Springfield-style taxing and spending only makes matters worse.

The National Republican Congressional Committee released a statemnt about Foster that same day.

“Bill Foster’s Buffett tax increase is nothing more than an excuse to raise more taxes and spend more money, all at the cost of small businesses and jobs. Foster clearly wants to simply double down on spending and debt that are already at their highest levels in American history, while Illinois families are still facing unemployment soaring above nine percent.” – NRCC spokeswoman Andrea Bozek

Foster is now running to get back into Congress. He's facing Judy Biggert in the 11th Congressional District race.

Foster appeared with two other candidates for congress, Tammy Duckworth (Facing Joe Walsh in the 8th) and Brad Schneider (running against Bob Dold in the 10th).

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