Abortion is the Only Issue for Dee Beaubien's 'Independent' Run for State House

-By Warner Todd Huston

The race for the 52nd District State House seat just got another entrant. The wife of deceased State Rep. Mark Beaubien has officially announced her bid as an "independent" for the seat her husband held and apparently she is a one-issue candidate. Her only issue is her support for infanticide at will.

Previously we noted that the widow Beaubien floated the trial balloon of running as an independent against GOP nominee Dave McSweeney and now she's made it official at a kick-off party held at Jewel Pavilion in Barrington’s Citizens Park.

During the event the issue of abortion was repeatedly raised by Beaubien and her supporters so it seems that her main reason for running is to prevent the pro-life McSweeney from winning the seat she seems to think belongs to infanticide supporters and the Beaubien family.

“We wanted to get someone to take Mark’s place who would have respect for human rights [and support] everybody’s ability to do what they want with their lives," she said during the event.

Interestingly, Beaubien tried to obliquely characterize her opponent as someone in thrall to others when she said, "Nobody’s going to tell me what to do," if she gets elected.

This is a nonsensical line of attack. Firstly, McSweeney ran contrary to the Illinois Republican establishment as an independent, conservative voice and he's a millionaire on top of that so imagining that he is so beholden to special interests and that he'll be run by them is silly. But secondly is Beaubien's entire raison d'etre for running.

She's running as someone wholly sold out to the abortion lobby right at the outset. Therefore, if anyone is going to be run by those espousing a single issue, it is the infanticide supporting Beaubien, not McSweeney!

Also, why do we want a candidate like the imperious Beaubien who is obviously a one-issue candidate without any depth?

Lastly, this will be the final mark on whether good, solid Republicans are at all wanted by the Illinois GOP.

Dave McSweeney followed the rules -- even to a fault. He joined the party, hoisted its banner, and duly won his party's nomination in a legitimate primary. Now if Party operatives flee him after he put himself out there in full cooperation with the party, if party establishment types abandon the guy that actually won their own primary process under their rules to support this arrogant woman who imagines that the seat of the 52nd District is somehow the property of the Beaubien family, if party bigwigs don't fully support McSweeney it will be the final notice to all conservatives that they are not welcome in this party.

For better or worse, Dave McSweeney is the party nominee. Interloper Beaubien should be denounced, ignored, and should receive no support from Republicans.

We don't need any more political dynasties in Illinois.

We also don’t need anyone pretending to be a Republican, but really is a Democrat. We have enough of those in office already. What makes me say that? It seems that many of the cars in the parking lot at the Beaubien announcement are chock full of Obama stickers and other let-wing subjects.

If Beaubien’s chief support base is filled with extremist left-wingers then she is no Republican, not even Republican-like.

In any case, we don’t need this woman in Illinois. Her kind have made this state a bankrupt laughing stock as it is.

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