National Rifle Association Endorses Kent Gaffney for State Representative

From the campaign to re-elect State Rep Kent Gaffney (52nd District)…

Fox River Grove, IL – The National Rifle Association has endorsed Kent Gaffney in the Republican Primary for State Representative in the 52nd House District.

The National Rifle Association Political Victory Fund (NRA-PVF) endorsed Gaffney and gave him an “A” rating for his support of Second Amendment gun rights.

“I am pleased to have earned the endorsement of the National Rifle Association,” Gaffney said. “I am a proud NRA member and a strong supporter of our Second Amendment gun rights. As a co-sponsor of concealed carry legislation, I am working to ensure Illinois citizens have the right to defend their families and property from violent criminals.”

Representative Gaffney is a co-sponsor of House Bill 148, the Family and Personal Protection Act, which would establish statewide standards for the issuance of licenses to carry concealed firearms in Illinois. HB 148 failed last year on a vote of 65-52-1, due to the ruling by Chicago Democrat Speaker Michael Madigan that the bill needed a three-fifths majority (71 votes) to pass. Gaffney believes the bill will be called for another vote in the House, where he will be a ‘yes’ vote for concealed carry.

Gaffney indicated that Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is pushing a gun registration bill that would place a large fee on all guns owned in Illinois. Chicago Democrats are also attempting to ban semi-automatic firearms used by hunters and sport shooters and to limit the purchase of firearms statewide.

“Mayor Emanuel and his allies continue to push their radical, anti-gun agenda in Springfield,” Gaffney said. “I oppose the anti-gun agenda of the Chicago Democrats and will always stand up for the constitutional rights of law-abiding gun owners.”

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