The 'Other' 8th District Candidate

-By Warner Todd Huston

A fellow named Robert Canfield also filed to run in the new 8th Congressional District. Canfield's petitions seem to have come out of the blue, but he joins current 8th District Congressman Joe Walsh and political operative Richard Evans in the race.

It doesn't appear that Mr. Canfield has a website and I know next to nothing about the man other than what appears on his Google Plus about page.

On his about page Canfield says he owns a printing business in Palatine and attended Taylor University.

His page also says the following:

Hello, from the Midwest. My name is Bob Canfield. My family and I reside in the suburbs of Chicago. I recently turned in my petition to win the Republican party seat regarding the office of Representative in Congress. This Primary election is March 20th, 2012. I’m a married Christian man and my wife and I are parents of five. Although we often call Sunday “family day”, it is a time of rest for us, and a day we go to church. I believe in the Christian values: Creation, the Bible, Jesus, Salvation and the Church. Educationally, Taylor University offers an excellent variety of majors, and I graduated with a Bachelors of Science degree in Business Systems Analysis with an economics emphasis. Then, I worked for a large national corporation as a sales representative for 8 years. This New York Stock Exchange traded company had provided me with good training for both printing knowledge and professional sales skills. I started a company I named The PrintHouse over ten years ago. The PrintHouse has gained customers based on our independently good reputation and products made in America. The repertoire of customer service is inventorying, quotation preparation, and order writing. Additionally, The PrintHouse’s products are of first-rate quality and delivered in a timely fashion. Our company is independently run from a building located on property in the heartland, Palatine, IL. With appreciation, my knowledge has increased because of many other employment and volunteer service over the years. I have worked with various typically known industries, including newer and seasoned employees of many different races. I am thankful for this diversity. Over the years I’ve grown to be an idea man, with both service and manufactured products. My email is

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