Mitt Romney Stealth Promotion of Gay 'Rights' And Gay Marriage in Mass.

Friend to the blog John Biver sends along an interesting press release about a new book about Mitt Romney's "stealth promotion" of Gay "rights" and gay marriage when he was Governor of Massachusetts.


Just released: Amy Contrada’s blockbuster book on Mitt Romney’s stealth promotion of the homosexual agenda in Massachusetts.

MassResistance pro-family activist Amy Contrada has just released her definitive study of Mitt Romney’s role in implementing ‘gay marriage,’ promoting GLBT ‘rights,’ and supporting the sexual-radical agenda in the Massachusetts schools while Governor.

Titled, “Mitt Romney’s Deception: His Stealth Promotion of ‘Gay Rights’ and ‘Gay Marriage’ in Massachusetts,” it is a fascinating and thorough record of the sexual-radical activism that took place during that time, whether for same-sex ‘marriage’ or school programs promoting GLBT ‘rights.’ It contains a lot of information never published before.

The book is a rare combination of political history and analysis, enlivened by uncompromising commentary from a front-line activist. Contrada documents how Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney actively supported the homosexual and transgender agenda on same-sex ‘marriage,’ sexual-radical indoctrination in the schools, and societal transformation – while posing as a defender of the Constitution and traditional family values.

Focusing on the issue of ‘gay rights,’ Contrada documents Romney’s largely untold history as Governor of Massachusetts:

  • How Romney implemented same-sex ‘marriage’ while ignoring the Massachusetts Constitution.
  • How Romney followed a constitutional amendment strategy doomed to failure, while ignoring the possibility of removing the judges who ruled for same-sex ‘marriage.’
  • How Romney undermined the principle of religious freedom and failed to defend Catholic Charities in the ‘homosexual adoptions’ fiasco.
  • How Romney implemented radical homosexual and transgender programs in his Department of Social Services and Department of Public Health.
  • How Romney funded and promoted homosexual and transgender indoctrination in the public schools through his Governor’s Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth, and his Department of Education ‘Safe Schools’ programs.
  • How Romney worked directly with radical homosexual activists to promote their self-defined ‘rights.’

And much more.

It has nine chapters and nearly 900 detailed footnotes, directly linked to sources. It includes a compendium of Romney’s public statements related to ‘gay rights’; contemporary commentary; a detailed timeline covering Romney’s implementation of same-sex marriage; extensive detail on sexual-radical indoctrination in the Massachusetts schools; and many previously unpublished photographs.

Praise from frontline conservative activists

The book has gotten immediate praise from some of the big names in this movement:

“It is gratifying to finally read a book that penetrates the cloud of propaganda that the media, the establishment Republicans, and yes, even some so called ‘conservative’ leaders have woven around Mitt Romney and his past. Amy Contrada documents in great detail how Romney was perhaps America’s most pro-homosexual governor. Candidates should be judged by their past actions, not by their rhetoric.”

~ Steve Baldwin, Former Executive Director of the conservative Council for National Policy; former California State Assemblyman; and co-author, “From Crayons to Condoms: The Ugly Truth about America’s Public Schools”

“This book could not be more timely, nor more thorough in presenting the case against a Romney presidency. Ms. Contrada has given a gift to America by exposing the faux ‘conservatism’ of former Governor Mitt Romney.”

~ Linda Harvey, MissionAmerica; author of “Not My Child: Contemporary Paganism & New Spirituality”

“In writing the meticulously documented Mitt Romney’s Deception, Amy Contrada has done the job that the liberal media was supposed to do. What she has uncovered is stunning even to experienced critics of Romney’s equivocation on homosexual issues. Contrada lays bare Romney’s servile embrace of the radical Massachusetts ‘gay’ agenda. Then she exposes his subsequent doublespeak in posing as the stalwart defender of traditional marriage in his bid for the GOP presidential nomination.”

~ Peter LaBarbera, President, Americans for Truth about Homosexuality and Founder, Republicans for Family Values blog

Vicious attacks from the usual suspects

The book has also drawn immediate attacks. Within hours of the book’s appearance on Amazon, a Romney supporter posted a “review” attempting to discredit the book (but apparently hadn’t even read it). There will surely be many of those.

Also, a local GLBT activist began a libelous “discussion” on the Amazon page — spreading one of their old lies about her family.

A must-read!

This book is a must-read for anyone who is interested in the upcoming presidential primaries, in understanding how “gay marriage” happened in America, and how the homosexual agenda in the public schools (and elsewhere) became so powerful. You will learn a tremendous amount!

See much more about Amy and the book at her new website:

The book is currently available as a download from
It is downloadable for the PC, Mac, Blackberry, Kindle, iPad, and other formats (with free reading apps). The price is $9.99.

A hardcopy version is planned.


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  • Couple of thoughts...

    1.) You DO know that Amy Contrada is a nut...and that even other conservative organizations won't deal with her, or her cohorts.

    2.) Will you be much happier if you trash Romney...and we get another 4 years of Obama? This is the equivalent of cutting off your nose to spite your face.

  • In reply to Loug:

    I have been saying that Obama will win reelection if Romney is the nominee anyway. I don't see how Romney can possibly beat Obama and I find Romney the worst of the bunch of the GOP nominees (well, not worse than Ron Paul, but, you know). So, I will work to defeat him in the primary and will hold my nose and vote FOR him in the general if he survives the primary despite my efforts.

    The fact is that he is marginally better than Obama, but Obama is SO bad that even marginally better is better.

  • In reply to publiusforum:

    **I have been saying that Obama will win reelection if Romney is the nominee anyway.**

    If that's the case...WHO could beat Obama? Bachman? Cain? IMHO, they don't have a chance.

    **I find Romney the worst of the bunch of the GOP nominees**

    I am going to guess that this from a perspective of a social conservative right wing Christian? In that case, yeah, he's probably the worst. So, if you're just trying to elect the most conservative person...then vote for Herman Cain...and Obama and his gang will whoop his butt in the general.

    What you are going to end up with is an ultra conservative candidate who can't beat Obama.

    Remember, it's not the extremes that elect a's the vast "middle" that does. And they are looking for a reasonable alternative to Obama.

  • In reply to Loug:

    No, Romney is the worst of the bunch because he is an abject liar. He has been on every side of every issue and cannot be believed no matter what he says. He was once for abortion now he's against it. He was for gun control now he's against it. He was for global warming, then he backtracked. He was for Obamacare before he was against it. He was... well, I could go on and on.

    And Obama BEING president makes the lie to your claim that the "middle" is what gets elected to the White House. Obama is the most extreme left-winger we've ever had as president. He got elected not coming anywhere NEAR "the middle."

    As to who could beat Obama, if the election were to be held right this second, I'd say none of them can beat Obama.

    However, we have a long time before the elections and many things can happen before that time. So, I don't want to say for sure no one can beat Obama.

    As to who I'd support... it is also too early for me to make that choice. I am waiting to see a few drop out before I settle on who is left. (Plus I have high negatives against all of them)

  • In reply to publiusforum:

    **your claim that the "middle" is what gets elected to the White House. Obama is the most extreme left-winger we've ever had as president.**

    I didn't say that candidates in the middle get elected...I said voters in the middle get them elected.

    Obama ran as a reasonable, hope and change candidate with very little substance or specifics.

    He wasn't voted in by the extreme left...he was voted in by the vast middle who saw him as the reasonable answer to George Bush, who they were disenfranchised with.

    His campaign was very disciplined and didn't trail off to the extremes.

    As far as a candidate that will beat Obama...

    While this was taken in August, it shows that Mitt is our best choice against Obama.

  • In reply to publiusforum:

    **As to who I'd support... it is also too early for me to make that choice. I am waiting to see a few drop out before I settle on who is left. **

    Well, here we are!

    Are you going to support Romney? Or continue to trash him so we get 4 more years of Obama's Hope & Change?


  • In reply to Loug:

    I do not "support" Romney. But I do stand against Obama. Romney becomes the default, is all. I will defend Romney when it is warranted (and already have several times at this point), but I don't like him, he is no conservative, and I will never be enthusiastic for him.

    But I will spend the next several months campaigning against Obama. That will have to suffice.

  • In reply to publiusforum:

    Now that you guys kicked the crap out of him during the campaign?

    Now that you've publicly called him a liar?

    You and the Amy Contrada's of the world are stuck on one issue.

  • In reply to Loug:

    Your point? Do you have a problem with reading comprehension? Was I not clear?

  • fb_avatar

    I'm sure that Amy Contrada engaged in a great deal of 'journalism' in drafting her 'book' about gay rights in Massachusetts. It seems the 'book' will be consistent with the typical Amy Contrada 'reputation' for 'facts' in support of her obsession to denigrate gay people. As a radical activist with the hate group Massresistance, Contrada continues to rely on the same 'quality' of 'evidence' she always has in her prior attacks of venom against her fellow American citizens.

  • In reply to Inis Magrath:

    Well, you know Amy is a "researcher" for her Camenker and that group.

    Her style of invading the privacy of gay youth by posting pictures on her blog...while at the same time harassing others who take her picture in public settings.

    Even other right-wing conservative groups know to avoid her and her ilk.

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