Twitter Screws Me For The GOP Debate

Well, I don't know about you, but I never knew that Twitter shut people down if they make a bunch of Tweets in a row! I just found that out tonight. I was half way through the Live Tweeting the GOP debate and Twitter shut me down telling me that I went over the Twitter limit!

So, tonight the initials of my name really do mean What The Heck?

Yours, Warner Todd Huston


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  • Really? Didn't even know that was possible. How many tweets were you pumping out?

  • Yep...called Twitter Jail-happens when you have more than 100 tweets an hour/1000 a day. People who are prone to being "locked up" tend to create a backup account.

  • In looking at the Twitter rules, it seems that if you go over 300 in an hour, Twitter imagines you are a Spambot and cuts you off for a few hours.

    But there is no way I got near 300 Tweets. Maybe 120, but not 300.

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