VIDEO: Herman Cain Raises Voice at Blogger, Holds His Ground

-By Warner Todd Huston

Herman Cain appeared at last weekend's RightOnLine conference (June 18) to two standing ovations. His rousing campaign speech apparently hit all the right notes with the conservative audience in attendance. But afterward, in the blogger access room, there were a few sour notes, in one case Cain even angrily yelled at a blogger over a question hard pressed.

The RightOnLine conference is a get together held annually by Americans For Prosperity and aimed at helping citizens become more involved in their government both on and off the Internet. This year's event was held in Minneapolis, Minnesota but Cain has spoken at this conference several times in the past.

This time, though, Cain is running for president and questions were a tad less fawning in the blogger access session. Several questions about his refusal to sign the abortion pledge, how his foreign policy ideas are perceived as weak, and his statements on Muslims in his administration got Cain passion flowing and his eyes flashing.

I was at this meeting and was able to get a full video of the session. What I can say, here, is that Cain is a different kind of candidate, for sure. He is positioning himself a straight talker and if that means fully showing his passions -- whether in anger or joy -- then that is what he thinks America is looking for: someone that is genuine.

In part one, Cain addresses the abortion question, some economic points and his foreign policy position which led to the hard question about his reaction to his statement that Muslims would not serve in his administration. (My video started after the first blogger asked a question, so I did not get the question recorded)

In part two, more on the economy, what he'd do about overregulation, jobs and Cain replies to the question on what he might do to bolster what is perceived as his weakness on foreign policy.

**Photo is of Mr. Cain and myself at 2010's RightOnLine conference.


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  • I really like Herman Cain, and quite honestly, don

  • In reply to bodi1313:

    Uh, there is nothing "fake" here. It is a reporting of what happened. Full video. No cuts or edits.

  • In reply to publiusforum:

    I was refering to the 'fakeness' (political correctness) of being cautious in relation to Muslims in this country holding political office in a Presidents 'cabinet'. I lived in Britain for 17 years and saw first hand how 'political correctness' has led to a problem with 'radical islamic' ideas infiltraing British society (a problem the Brits don't know what to do with). Christina Amanpour did a documentary on CNN, about this very subject.
    After Bin Ladin was killed, 'Islamic fundamentalist's' were gathered outside of the American embassy in London, vowing 'revenge' to America. Herman Cain's position is correct in my opinion.

  • In reply to publiusforum:

    "It duz not matter cuz" Americans will never elect a jive talkin', ignorant, bigoted, closet-case clown like Herman Cain. Here is Mr. Cain in his own words on youtube. See for yourself.

  • In reply to raichle:

    You are no doubt, an Obama supporter.

  • In reply to bodi1313:

    Well, at least he sits like A.C. Slater. That's a plus.

  • In reply to bodi1313:

    Conservatives yell at a lot of people. Not surprising. I wonder if he can yell while smiling for the camera, like Romney.

  • In reply to MySportsComplex:

    Guess I prefer the honest yelling as opposed to the slimy, sneering that left-wingers employ.

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