Kinzinger, House Freshmen Call on President Obama to End "MediSCARE" Tactics

From the office of Rep. Adam Kinzinger (Ill. 11)...

Yesterday, Congressman Adam Kinzinger (IL-11) along with his freshman colleagues, reiterated their call on the President at a press conference to keep his commitment made at the 2010 Republican Retreat in Baltimore to have a fact-based conversation immediately over reforming spending on entitlement programs and addressing the debt crisis now before it is insurmountable. (See .pdf of letter)

Last year, President Obama asked, "At what point can we have a serious conversation about Medicare and its long-term liability...or a serious conversation about budget and debt in which we're not simply trying to position ourselves politically?' The President went on to say we cannot start these discussions by asking "who's to blame," who is "trying to hurt our senior citizens" or "how can we make the American people afraid of the other side." The President said this is what he's "committed to doing."

Kinzinger said "As new members of Congress, we are committed to having a fact-based conversation immediately. History will judge us by whether we worked together to solve our country's problems or played politics to score points in the next election. Our mission must be about the next generation, not the next election - this is something we cannot lose sight of."

Congressman Kinzinger's full remarks or click here to view the signed letter sent to the President.

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