VIDEO: Kloppenburg Makes Fool of Herself With Wisconsin Recount

-By Warner Todd Huston

So far, other than the 10,000 likely fraudulent Kloppenburg-favoring votes from the Madison area, there doesn't really seem to be any compelling evidence of vote fraud in the recent election for Wisconsin's Supreme Court race. David Prosser won by some 7,000 votes. Still, his challenger, JoAnne Kloppenburg, is demanding a recount no matter how absurd her request is.

In fact, she herself revealed how silly her position is with a recent TV press conference. As painful as it is to watch, Kloppenburg was flummoxed when asked if she truly believes she's still the winner...

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  • No evidence of vote fraud? Did you address the fact that the exact number of needed votes were found on the computer of a lone Republican official, whose claim of having forgotten to save her file (oops!) doesn't hold up to anyone who's used the software in question.

    "Kathy Nickolaus was granted immunity in 2002 in her capacity as a 13-year data analyst and computer specialist to the Assembly Republican Caucus, which had been charged with illegal campaign activities. Nickolaus

  • In reply to larkspur:

    So far, only extremist lefties are crying about your points above. No credible source has said that there was any fraud there.

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