Illinois Going to Pot? GOP Leader Now Supporting Medical Marijuana Bill

-By Warner Todd Huston

The Illinois Family Institute is a bit worried over the about face that House GOP Leader Tom Cross has made on HB 30, a bill that includes legalizing medical marijuana sales in Illinois.

On April 15, Fox News Chicago reported that Cross switched from a "no" vote to "yes" because he had talked to people who use medical marijuana, "including one man who is a disabled veteran."

Cross said the key to the legislation is that it limits marijuana use to particularly painful diseases such as cancer, Multiple Sclerosis, Lupus and Crones' Disease.

Cross told Fox that he supports the bill because it has "tight restrictions" on how medical marijuana can be used and sold. But in a recent emailing the folks at IFI prove they are not as sanguine of those restrictions as Cross. Calling it an "anti-family bill" IFI rails against Cross' decision. have Republican Leader Cross support a bill which is heavily supported by radical leftist billionaire George Soros is disconcerting, to say the least. (The drug culture magazine, Heads, calls Soros "Daddy Weedbucks.")

Sorros and other pro-marijuana activists have been working hard to decriminalize marijuana in an effort to subvert the national anti-drug policy of the U.S. Government. The first step is legalization for "medical" use. So far, 15 states and the District of Columbia have enacted "medical" marijuana laws.

In it's press release, IFI had a few pointed questions for leader Cross:

  • Why does Cross think the politicians in the Illinois General Assembly should circumvent the medical and scientific experts at the Federal Drug Administration (FDA)?
  • Why should our state lawmakers ignore the many warnings of marijuana use by federal authorities like the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) and the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA)?
  • Why would Cross ignore the concerns and objections of the Illinois law enforcement community, including the Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police, Illinois Sheriffs' Association, Fraternal Order of Police Illinois Troopers Lodge 41, and former Chicago Police Superintendent Phil Cline, among others?
  • Since federal drug laws supersede "medical" marijuana laws, why would Cross support legislation that would make the state of Illinois, local municipalities, property owners, landlords, financiers and its citizens liable to federal action -- including civil injunctions? HB 30 would create a licensing scheme that permits large-scale marijuana distribution and use, contrary to federal law. HB 30 would authorize conduct contrary to federal law.
  • Lastly, why would Cross, who has a law degree, support the decimation of Illinois' DUI laws? HB 30 allows a medical marijuana patient to operate a motor vehicle after 4 hours of consuming marijuana, while research shows that a single marijuana joint with a moderate level of THC can impair a person's ability to drive for more than 24 hours!

IFI is urging members and concerned citizens to take action against this bill.


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  • The answer to all your questions is simple: Tom Cross is doing his job to represent the PEOPLE!

    Same with alcohol prohibition, when The People of the United States see that the economic and social costs of marijuana prohibition is far more burdensome and damaging to our citizens than regulation, they will speak loud and proud to get laws changed... first at the local and state level. When Conservatives realize that marijuana prohibition is BIG GOVERNMENT, that it's unfair for Jane Doe to down a bottle of wine while Joe Blow is next door being arrested for smoking a joint on his back porch, and that government's reach should not dive this far into people's personal lives... those in favor of marijuana law reform will be the majority. When people see that over 700,000 people are arrested each year for marijuana possession alone... they start to understand that this is unsustainable. When everyone knows that refocusing resources and spending money on educational, prevention and recovery programs will have a much greater impact on marijuana use than those resources and money being spent on arresting, prosecuting, and housing non-violent drug offenders... the camel's back will break and marijuana prohibition will end.

    In the meantime, it's only humane to allow our sick and ill to have their God-given right to choose marijuana as a safer alternative over highly addictive, more damaging, and more invasive, expensive "pharmacueticals" such as oxycontin, morphine, and codeine. The time has come and people are making their own judgements, rather than listen to those that are paid to keep the "reefer madness" propaganda alive. People either have personal experience with marijuana, have a sick family member that has experience with it, or have friends and family that have been unjustly punished by it... that is the reason marijuana law reform is taking place despite all of the old, tired rhetoric.

  • The comment above is about legalizing marijuana. Fine arguments & worthy of consideration, but not related to the article.

    This Illinois Family Institute would do better to actually look into this issue, rather than spend their time ranting and raving like idiots about an topic on which they're clearly ignorant.

    1. Judge a bill on its merits, not because some billionaire you don't like supported something similar at some time. Wow. IFI openly admitting they're brainwashed and proud of it isn't something you see everyday.

    2. Cannabis is far and away the most widely researched plant in the history of mankind. FDA hasn't approved marijuana b/c it needs a sponsor who possesses marijuana legally in order to go through the FDA's 3 phases. That doesn't exist due to federal drug laws. This took me 5 minutes to figure out. Looks like IFI lacks the brainpower I have. And I'm not that smart.

    3. The safety profile of cannabis is safer than hundreds of approved drugs on the market. This isn't rocket science, IFI.

    4. Its common knowledge that all law enforcement agencies oppose any drug related bill that doesn't increase penalties. Really IFI? Like... seriously? This is the best you can do?

    5. IFI, please refer to the Constitution of the United States and writings of the Founders re: federalism and states as laboratories for new policies. Plus the Obama administration has announced publicly a hands off federal policy. Maybe IFI hasn't been following the issue.

    6. DUI laws are not based on non-impairment. They're based on a level of acceptable impairment. For alcohol its BAC .08. It's not .00000001. For marijuana they've chosen after 4 hours. That's reasonable.

    IFI if this is the time you take to understand an issue before you start ranting about it publicly, maybe its best to keep your silly opinions to yourself from now on.

  • In reply to claimjumper:

    I am very conflicted on this issue, myself.

  • In reply to claimjumper:

    1) The government currently lists marijuana as a schedule 1 drug. This is the same classification given to heroin! Schedule 1 is the highest classification, which means marijuana has no medicinal value, and has a high potential for addiction. Yet the government provides marijuana monthly to 4 patients in the federal medical marijuana program. (I believe it is 4 patients, could be slightly off on the number) The science is behind medical marijuana. However, this issue isn't about science for the FDA/ government. Entrenched, vested interests and politics dominate the decision making process when it comes to medical marijuana.

    2) The DEA and NIDA are not the least bit unbiased in this discussion. Both organizations benefit from marijuana being completely illegal. The DEA relies on marijuana prohibition for it

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