Chicago's Cardinal Finally Punishes Catholic Bashing Priest

Chicago's Cardinal Finally Punishes Catholic Bashing Priest

-By Warner Todd Huston

Father Michael Pfleger of Chicago's Saint Sabina Church on the city's southside has been a thorn in the side of the Catholic Church for decades. The priest has been a vocal opponent of many of the Church's positions and religious tenets but has seemingly been beyond punishment for his heresies. That seems to finally be at an end.

Cardinal Francis George has finally taken action against the troublemaking priest and has suspended Pfleger's "sacramental faculties as a priest" which prevents him from carrying on his duties at Saint Sabina.

The cardinal cited Pfleger's April 11th warning that he'd leave the church if he was sanctioned for his constant outrages against the church as one of the reasons he finally took action.

"If that is truly your attitude, you have already left the Catholic Church and are therefore not able to pastor a Catholic parish," the cardinal said to Pfleger's threats.

The Cardinal went on:

"A Catholic priest's inner life is governed by his promises, motivated by faith and love, to live chastely as a celibate man and to obey his bishop," the cardinal continued. "Breaking either promise destroys his vocation and wounds the Church.

"Many love and admire you because of your dedication to your people," the cardinal wrote. "Now, however, I am asking you to take a few weeks to pray over your priestly commitments in order to come to mutual agreement on how you understand personally the obligations that make you a member of the Chicago presbyterate and of the Catholic Church.

"With this letter, your ministry as pastor of Saint Sabina Parish and your sacramental faculties as a priest of the Archdiocese are suspended."

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Naturally, the extremely liberal parishioners of the southside church are standing behind their radical priest.

"He has done too much for this neighborhood, please, Cardinal George, don't do this to him!" said parishioner Wendy Wade. "What has he done wrong, but enhance the neighborhood, enhance the community to help people?"

Well, I have an answer for that Ms. Wade.

Father Michael Pfleger is as far from the image of a parish priest as can be imagined without crossing the line into absurdity. He is a loud-mouthed activist that has spent a 30-year career calling people he doesn't like names, spewing race tinged "sermons," liberally tossing out the race card, and engaging in extremist political causes. Not the model priest, for sure.

Pfleger has vexed the Catholic Archdiocese in Chicago for years and rumors have constantly swirled that he would be removed from his position as the pastor of Saint Sabina, a Catholic Church on Chicago's south side. Church leaders have constantly been under pressure to do something about this troublemaking priest.

Father Pfleger has indecently involved himself in numerous political causes. His favorite activism is to organize news camera grabbing pickets. He's picketed TV shows, business owners, and companies. He's called gun shop owners murderers and Threatened their lives, he's tried to get radio stations shut down, and he's erected billboards attacking musicians.

During the 2008 election he accused Hillary Clinton of being a privileged "white person" and accused anyone that would vote against Barack Obama of being a racist.

He's stood by the side of the racist Jeremiah Wright. He's been a friend to the anti-semite Louis Farrakhan and he's been a vocal supporter of race card throwers like Harry Belefonte, Cornel West, and Jesse Jackson.

The activist priest hasn't just jumped into political causes, he's also talked against Church doctrine on many, many occasions. He is, for instance, a vocal supporter of ordaining women as priests quite against Church leaders.

Cardinal Francis George was asking Pfleger to take over as head of Leo High School a job that would remove him from his church but it was a post that Pfleger apparently refused. For his part Pfleger announced that he does not want to leave his position as head of Saint Sabina.

Check out the blind hate from this supposed "priest"...

Why Cardinal George felt that such a radical hater as Pfleger was a good fit for a job with our children is hard to fathom, but I supposed George felt he was between a rock and a hard place with the radical priest. Now he's finally had to take stronger action. Let's hope it leads to the end of this maniac. Unfortunately, it could lead to his church separating from the Catholic Church with Pfleger still at their head, but at least he'd have the mantle of the Catholic Church removed from supporting him.

A last note, I am not a Catholic. But I am glad to see the Church finally standing up for what it believes in with this sanction.


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  • After all you've said here why do say "unfortunately Saint Sabina may separate from the catholic church"? Unfortunate for the parishioners or the Archdiocese?

    I think you're absolutely right, Father Pfleger may be sanctioned from the Catholic Church but that will not silence him in the community. In the end the Catholic Church will not only loose a priest but also a congregation. Maybe that's not important to the Archdiocese.

  • In reply to gerrim:

    Geraldine, I don't know if you're a parishioner of Saint Sabina Church, but if you are, you obviously haven't learned the tenets of the Catholic faith, and you have Fr. Pfleger to blame for it. To answer your question, it's unfortunate FOR THE PARISHIONERS, not the church. The Catholic Church has prevailed for thousands of years. We welcome everyone who wants to join. I'm always happy to see blacks in my parish because, like Christ, everyone is welcome to the fold. But you've been misled by your parish priest. He hasn't practiced priestly duties. What you've been exposed to is hatred, racism, and radicalism. That's why only the radical parishioners want him retained. The Cardinal is right: Fr. Pfleger has ALREADY LEFT the church for not doing what a priest is supposed to do, and to disobey his bishop. Check out other Catholic Churches and see how love is everywhere, not hatred. Losing (not "loose", by the way) a congregation is a sad event but everyone has a free will, and if you choose one way or the other, that is your right. We would be sad to see you follow him if he decides he doesn't want to Catholic priest anymore.

  • The Romans tried to silence Jesus for speaking out for the injustice done to others, now the cardinal is trying to silence Father for doing the same thing? Sure, he is a bit outspoken, but it seems like that is the only way the injustice to others can be brought into the public's eye.

  • In reply to lindacarter98662:

    You're comparing Fr. Phleger to Jesus? What he has done vs. what Jesus did? Fr. Phelger preached hatred, racism, radicalism. Jesus Christ preached love, turning the other cheek, loving your enemies. He's a BIT OUTSPOKEN? A "bit"? Wake up, please!

  • In reply to wsalcedo:

    Hear, hear. It is patently absurd to claim that Pfleger is anything like Jesus... or even a Jesus-type!

  • In reply to lindacarter98662:

    Hallelujah-- some one else gets it.

    This story is complicated, and then it's not. It's all based on the concept of "Free Will." Both the Reverend Pfleger and the Cardinal have it. Freely and voluntarily both men have chosen to live and serve the Gospel values.

    The Cardinal is charged with the teaching, education and order of his Diocese by his selection to the Cardinate by the late Pope John Paul II; he is affirmed by the current Pope and his espiscopate derives from the "body of Christ." That body is the whole of the Church. Rev. Pfleger is one of the members of the body. Every baptised man, woman and child is included in the Body. This body is she, the Church.

    The Church can and must carry on; the body of Christ will see to it. Dear to those around him, they must not forget that Father Pfleger is one man, and that they, themselves, must pick up the cross and each of them carry the load.


  • In reply to simplexlife:

    Pfleger is not in any way "serving Gospel values." He is on a great ego trip and little else.

  • The bile that you are spewing clearly indicates that you are not a Catholic!

  • In reply to chgobulldog:

    Same to ya, pal.

  • In reply to chgobulldog:

    Cardinal George is up to his biretta in the pedophile outrages and he dares cite another for ". . .constant outrages against the church. . ."?
    Leaving the Church has been a painful process but necessary for my spiritual health.

  • In reply to chgobulldog:

    Father Pfleger has forgotten that he is a priest. He wants to be a political figure. He seems to have a very strong sense of self-importance. He should take a retreat and reflect on what the mission of a priest is and why he joined the priesthood. "Pride goeth before a fall"?
    If he wants to be in politics and seek self-glorification then he should leave the priesthood. He should probably look at the life of Pope John Paul and focus on what made this person great.
    Obedience and humility essential in priesthood. The self is supposed to disappear. I look and listen to this man and go away with the impression that he is pandering to some people and espousing class division.
    He has my prayers and I hope that with his God-given gifts, he finds better use of them.

  • In reply to vickymc:

    Jesus was a political figure. I submit He is a better example than any pope.

  • In reply to jkatze:

    The Bible refutes the notion that Jesus was a political figure.

    As for all of us, perhaps we would better served if we prayed that Fr. Pfleger stay committed to the vows he took when he became a priest.

  • In reply to jkatze:


  • In reply to vickymc:

    it has been a long time coming for this HATEMONGER-FALSE PROFET[any one out there who thinks he has a MONOPOLY on the truth is a false profet]for many years he was city hall PUPPET,WHILE a genocide went on and still goes on,wright under our noses,the thousans who perish,over DALEY policy,during 21years of pure HELL[yeah he plant flowers all over,rough iron fences north and south,east,west]when EMANUEL come out on the other side of the tunel,he will look like a RACOON he is almost there!

  • In reply to vickymc:

    WOW! so much hate in your heart for fellow Christians. Almost makes me think you are not a true Christian. I am guessing either you had a traumatic experience that hardened your heart towards others who care for the least of us, or you are repeating the vitriol of these so-called talk show entertainers, without checking the facts for truth to back up what you say. There are many others, unlike you, who believe several right wing fringe talk show hosts are more of a false prophet than Father Pfleger.
    Daley and Emmanuel have nothing to do with this, as it is a church issue.
    And for the record, I am neither a Democrat nor a Republican, however, I am a Catholic,

  • In reply to chgobulldog:

    I'm curious why they didn't assign him to be pastor at another church. Sort of a "You did a great job at St. Sabina and we'd like to do the same at St. so-and-so's parish". As for the parishioners, I would hope they will feel that whatever benefits they get from being in the Catholic church outweigh the grief they feel for losing the pastor. I think they can support Father Phleger and remain in the church. Plus, it would be a bit insulting to the next pastor to abandon the parish. I, for one, are praying for them.

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