Clinton Blasts Obama's Foot Dragging on Oil Drilling Permits

-By Warner Todd Huston

Interestingly at the end of last week during the IHS CERAWeek conference held in Houston, Texas, former President Bill Clinton said that Obama's constant delays on issuing offshore oil drilling permits was "ridiculous." With this one might be able to claim that Bill Clinton is a "drill, baby, drill" booster, just like Sarah Palin!

Politico is reporting that Bill Clinton agreed with fellow speaker former President George W. Bush on many of his points concerning the oil and gas industry and agreed that the hurdles that Obama's government have been thrown up before them are ill advised.

"Bush said all the things you'd expect him to say" on oil and gas issues, said Jim Noe, senior vice president at Hercules Offshore and executive director of the pro-drilling Shallow Water Energy Security Coalition. But Clinton added, "You'd be surprised to know that I agree with all that," according to Noe and others in the room...
Clinton said there are "ridiculous delays in permitting when our economy doesn't need it," according to Noe and others.

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