Nevada Union Illegally Coordinating with Reid Campaign for Votes

-By Warner Todd Huston

Elizabeth Crum has a great report over at National Review detailing a series of emails between the campaign staff of Senator Harry Reid and union members of Harrah's casino in an effort to coerce workers to vote for Harry Reid.

Crum reveals emails between Reid's office and the union folks telling them to force their members to get to the polls, setting up bus trips for that purpose, and even sending a spread sheet file identifying workers who had and had not voted and for whom they voted.

This is all clearly illegal.

Naturally, this incident serves to show the left-wing's hypocrisy once again. As J.P. Freire of the Washington Examiner says:

ThinkProgress made hay out of similar actions committed by the management of a single McDonald's franchise in Canton, Ohio, who wrote employees encouraging them to vote for specific Republican candidates -- for which the owner later apologized. But Harrah's employs thousands and, in these emails, is alleged to be coordinating with a candidate. This is a bigger (and probably more predictable) problem.

So, the left gets apoplectic about 10 people who may have been urged to vote GOP by an employer but utterly ignores a story where thousands of employees are hectored to vote Democrat by their employer.



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  • Is this what you consider legitimate journalistic commentary? The union and the company officially endorsed Reid. Also from what I've seen of the e-mails no one was threatened that pay and benefits was dependent on his reelection. However given Angle's blatant statements that she would not have called the lenders to ensure completion of the City Center projects the company and union have actual proof that their pay and raises would be dependent on his reelection. So here is a solution how about illinoians stay out of NV politics since you obviously make bad and faulty analysis.

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