SouthTown Star Scolds Rep. Halvorson for Specious Attack on Opponent's Military Record

-By Warner Todd Huston

The Southtown Star finally had enough of Congressman Debbie Halvorson's illicit attack on her 11th District opponent's military record and published a July 20 editorial saying so.

Halvorson jumped on the Mark Kirk bandwagon and tried to see if she could find any similar "lies" in GOP candidate Adam Kinzinger's bio. Kinzinger is a Captain in the Air Force and flew missions in Iraq. His website bio stated his history as follows: "I now serve as a captain in the United States Air Force Special Operations Command flying reconnaissance aircraft."

Halvosron is claiming that this is a "lie." Why is it a lie? Because Kinzinger is not now engaged in that duty. And so, he's a liar.

The Southtown is not amused. The paper says that whether he is now or just "was" doing that duty is immaterial.

And as so often happens in contemporary work and warfare, eventually the "is" turned to "was" in the course of this campaign. And Kinzinger says he has nothing to defend.

Futher, Kinzinger reports that this bio was actually written when he WAS engaged in that duty, so it was accurate when it was posted. He just hadn't updated the bio recently is all.

I have to agree with the paper. This niggling distinction makes Halvorson look like an idiot.

Kinzinger's military record is impressive, it's solid, and it deserves respect, not denigration.

Halvorson should battle for the issues she believes in, not drag a worthy opponent through the muck and mire.

Hear, hear. Let's talk serious issues for a change, shall we?

People should remember this childish incident perpetrated by Congressman Debbie Halvorson when November comes.

For more information abut GOP candidate Adam Kinzinger, visit his website:

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