Bill Brady: Less Than 100 Days 'Til Election Day

From the Bill Brady for Governor campaign...

With less than 100 days before election day... this week marked a turning point in Bill's campaign to make state government live within its means - just like families and small businesses do every day.

Earlier this week, the same state budget bureaucrat who received a $24,000 pay hike under Pat Quinn, brazenly told a Bloomberg News reporter, "We're going to pass a tax increase in January," and touted a plan to raise taxes by 67 percent, the largest tax hike in Illinois history.

Bill sided with taxpayers - Republicans, Independents and even Democrats - saying tax hikes will kill jobs, and that he'll fight any effort to raise taxes as the next Governor of Illinois.

But like clockwork, news accounts later prompted the Governor to disavow support for his tax hikes, saying his well-paid staffer had been, "misconstrued." Unfortunately, as this video from Bloomberg News makes clear, the Quinn staffer was clear as day - Pat Quinn plans to raise taxes by as much as 67 percent.

We can't let this happen. With your help, Bill will lead the fight against spending, taxes, and big government as the next Governor of Illinois.


This week also showed Bill's message is resonating with voters across Illinois - even in the face of millions of dollars worth of nasty, misleading attack ads by Pat Quinn and his tax and spend cronies in Washington.

A new independent poll conducted by Rasmussen Reports shows Bill now leads 44-37 over Pat Quinn. Of course, polls will go up and down every day until Election Day. But we're proud of all the support our campaign is receiving from supporters like you.

With your help, Bill Brady will win this election and put Illinois back to work and back on track!

For more information on how you can help Bill win in November, visit There you can also link to Bill's Facebook and Twitter pages for daily campaign updates.

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