Kinzinger Says BP Should be Held Accountable (11th District)

-By Warner Todd Huston

11th District Republican candidate for Congress Adam Kinzinger has come out with his stance on the BP oil mess down in the gulf. But while Kinzinger offers his ideas on BPs culpability, his opponent incumbent Democrat Congressman Debbie Halvorson is less interested in serious discussion and more interested in turning the BP oil mess into a personal fund raising device.

For his part, Kinzinger says that the full force of the U.S. government should be used to focus on the clean-up and to stop the leaking well.

If he were in Congress, Kinzinger said he would press President Obama to basically use the full force of the federal government to cap the gushing well. Also, to support oil well owner British Petroleum in what it has to do.

"And to open dialog with other oil companies and say, 'What do you guys have,' and to other nations and say, 'What kind of boats can you guys bring down here to help us skim the oil off,'" he said.

Kinzinger also notes that Obama has yet to waive the Jones Act so that foreign companies and governments can offer us assistance. Currently Obama has only accepted a very few of the dozens of foreign companies and nations that have offered us their expertise.

Even George W. Bush knew enough to waive the Jones Act when we need it in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

"If I were in Congress," Kinzinger told the Morris Daily Herald, "I would say, 'Let's get the government out of the way of these regulations and restrictions, and get the government focused on what they need to do to clean up.'"

On the other hand, Halvoson sent out a fund raising letter with her response to the BP oil spill. In part, the fund raising letters says...

"Join me in standing up to Washington insiders who want to let their friends in big oil get off without paying the price," she noted in asking in the release for campaign contributions.

"Donate $5, $10, or even $25 to help me keep the pressure on BP to finish the cleanup and put our fellow Americans back on their feet."

I guess its easy to see which candidate for the 11th District is the serious, thoughtful thinker. Kinzinger offers a solid reply to the BP oil spill and offers solutions and ideas. Congressman Debbie Halvorson tries to raise campaign funds off the disaster.

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