State Refuses to Pay for Blago Portrait

Indignity upon indignity has been heaped upon our one-time Governor, Rod "They're Out To Get Me" Blagojevich. And now one more link has been added to his Marley chain burden. The state legislature is refusing to pay for the oil painting of Blago to hang in the hall of governors in Springfield.


Of course, Rod is certainly free to pay for the portrait himself, but the state's politicos decided in an 85-23 vote last week that the state would not pay for the sitting.

The Senate-bound bill does not ban an ousted governor from bankrolling the project out of pocket, which could cost as much as $25,000, the bill's top backer said.

Oh, the humanities. Poor Rod. The dude can't catch a break... of course, there's that whole he-deserves-it thing, too!


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  • I feel bad for the artist who took the time to paint that thing! This entry is featured on today's "Hot on ChicagoNow:"

  • In reply to laurenstrec:

    Yeah, that poor artist. Still, it was an easy portrait to do. It's all hair!

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    Do you take down portraits of Governors Walker, Ogilvie, or Ryan because individuals don't like their poltics or legal problems. Even today, the former Governor remains so popular with voters and greeted so warmly in public everywhere he goes, almost like former President Clinton and despite being impreached, still one of of the most popular poltical figures today.

    To properly educate voters for decades to come, we should publish the examples of the best and worts of times in Statye government for Balance. I was not a Rod supporter but I still think the state should pay for what has traditionally ben paid for.

    And what a new level of national embarrassment if the man is acquitted of the charges that brought his fall of grace and office.

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    No one was talking about taking down anyone's portraits. They were just talking about not paying for Blago's.

    so, I guess I am a bit confused by your comments.

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    OK, I'm in favor of State paying.

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    Ah, got ya. I have to say, I sort of agree with you. Whether we liked him or not he was an elected gov. and should be with the others.

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