Bean The Progressive

From the Palatine Tea Party...

March 29, 2010 - Beans healthcare vote of "yes" is just another vote among other votes over the last year which the voters in her district continue to reject. Her voting record is that of a far left progressive. This is not a progressive district and she continues to follow the failed policies of the Obama administration and Nancy Pelosi.

It is time Bean does her constituents and our country a favor and retires from public service. Our district and county deserve better. Instead of focusing on the takeover of our healthcare system she should be listening to what her constituents actually want which are jobs. Where are the jobs?

Bean is to represent all the constituents in her district. She continues to vote with the minority in her district. She continues to vote with the progressive democratic party 90.2% of the time which does not represent the majority of citizens in her district.

Bean said this to the Daily Herald, "For moderates like myself who are fiscally conservatives, this is a win. This is an even better bill in terms of cost containment."

Beans name is queued up to support a "new" welfare entitlement program which our county can not afford. Our country is going to collapse and her supporting this policy will make it happen sooner. Melissa Bean your ideology is just wrong and against free market principles.

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